The Treasure of the Pirate King

June 2016

It was just the two of us in this room and we escaped with about 20 seconds to spare!

Challenge Level:

Jason- I like the challenges in this room. There is one specific challenge that I feel was too difficult for no reason. I can’t say anything more because that will give it away. The progression of the challenges were pretty good in this room and it felt good to gain momentum as we went along.

Lamya – This is a good room for a lot of people. Initially, there’s a lot that can be done by a lot of people, so that’s your best bet. The challenge level is around medium…not for starters but you don’t have to have done too many rooms to be able to solve this.

There was one puzzle I found to be unnecessarily hard and unclear, even after several hints. That puzzle will frustrate a lot of people and waste a lot of your precious 45 minutes.


Jason– This room is not reinventing the wheel when it comes to escape rooms but they did ok with trying to mix it up when it came to clues and puzzles. The room is sparsely decorated but it’s not bad. One creative thing this room does that we haven’t seen before is you receive your hints from a monitor on the wall. The staff is always watching and listening so if you ask the cameras for a hint then some hints will appear in writing on the screen on the wall. It’s actually pretty cool because I’m getting a little weary of human interaction inside an escape room. It breaks up the experience. The only problem with the hints coming over the monitor is that there is an annoying noise that starts up whenever a hint is incoming. That noise is grating and terrible. Otherwise it’s pretty cool.

Lamya – There were a few attempts at trying some new things in here. They weren’t entirely new but there were some fun puzzles. The room is certainly decorated to the theme, although it feels a bit blah.

When it comes to what you’re solving, without giving too much away, there were some very tedious tasks in here. I’ve mentioned in other reviews that just the variety of locks that need to be opened can add to a rooms creativity, but that’s where this one fails for me.

Wow Factor:

Jason– No big wow factor here but there are a couple of little details that show some ingenuity when it comes to room design.

Lamya – Not really. There are a few cool things but no wows.


Jason– Overall it is is a little more difficult to recommend this place to others. If this was your first experience at an escape room facility you might have a good time but you wouldn’t realize that they have so much more to offer. Now, to be fair, Escape Emporium is still very new on the scene. They may make little tweaks here and there as more people start to visit their rooms and offer feedback. I think that Lamya and I will have to do a blog post about some of these new facilities opening up and what they can learn from some of the more established locations. Overall, if you’re addicted to escape rooms then give this place a try. Otherwise, maybe hold off until some more reviews come back of their other rooms.

Lamya – This room felt a little amateur-ish to me. While we escaped and were able to pick up speed at the end, there wasn’t anything unique in here (as promised) and we actually were able to bypass a couple of puzzles and still escape, which, to me, begs for a re-design.