General info

Atmosphere upon arrival:

Lamya – This is my favourite place in the city in this category. The moment you walk up the stairs and enter the lobby at GTFO, you get such a cool vibe from the decor, the things to do while you wait, and from the staff. The black, white and yellow design scheme really makes for a bright entrance. They have lots of puzzles and games to play while you wait. They have water and cookies. Friends was playing on the TV the one time we went and music videos the other. It’s actually kind of cool to have some stimulation of the senses before heading in, because most other spots work the exact opposite way (a complete lack of stimulation in the lobby). For me, I liked the activity.

Jason – From the moment you walk into GTFO you know you are going to have a good time. The lobby area is modern and new and clean and there are different types of board games and little puzzles and stuff everywhere to get you in the mood for escape room times. I’ll also say more specifically about all the escape rooms that they have at GTFO is that you can tell that these guys went the extra mile to create a very good experience for people. They also start each room with some kind of video presentation just like Escape City does. GTFO has a lot of extra little features that stimulate all your senses. This is definitely something you remember and it’s something that makes GTFO my new favourite place.


Lamya – These guys are awesome. So friendly and helpful and on top of things. They answered our incessant questions about how they started up, the research they did, their thoughts on other cities and how they’re coming along in the escape room department, and pretty much everything else. From start to finish, GTFO’s staff took care of us and genuinely made us feel welcomed and valued and like we had cheerleaders in our corner for each room we took on!


Jason – The guys that run GTFO are friendly and helpful and they are very excited about their escape rooms. They want people to have fun and enjoy their escape room experience. Everything else Lamya said is exactly right. This is a great place to go to try an escape room for the first time.