December 2015

Once again, we were too impatient to wait for partners to come with us, so we did this as a couple, just the two of us. We got about 75% through, but with extra help from the guys, who took pity on us when we got stuck.

Challenge level:

Lamya – This is a more advanced room than The Heist, and a moderate-to-high level challenge in general. It’s definitely a doable room, but you need lots of people to work together and think in different ways. There’s one fairly major puzzle that will require a couple of people who get the idea of how to solve it and can do so quickly. Your success will hinge on that puzzle scheme. But lots of stuff for others to do. Try to go with a full group of 6.

Jason – Definitely more challenging than The Heist. A large group of people would be fantastic for a room like this. Along with the actual level of the challenge there is also a lot of stuff to get done in this room. It’s a lot of work! You’ll want a large group of people. Things never get to the point where they feel impossible but it is nice sometimes to have other people in your group to look at a clue or puzzle with another pair of eyes.



Lamya – What an amazing room. No detail has been overlooked. Every sense is stimulated in this room and it will truly put you into the mindset of being out in the woods as the dark sets in. One of the most thoughtful rooms in the city. I don’t want to give anything away because you’ll know what I’m talking about the second you set foot in there, but for now, I’ll just say it’s very, very cool.

Jason – I’ve definitely never seen a room like this one yet. It is another take on the escape room setup that provides its twists and surprises in another way. A big part of why this escape room is such a good one is the design. The atmosphere they create is incredible and once again you felt completely immersed in the experience. While we did the room I told Lamya that I thought things were going to pop out of the corners to scare her. She did not like it when I said that. So scary!


Wow Factor:

Lamya – Again, without spoiling anything, Nightfall is a perfect example of how you can build surprises into a room in different ways than what you might typically expect in an escape room. If you pay attention and think creatively, there’s a lot to wow you in here.

Jason – The wow factor is a little different from traditional rooms but you definitely don’t feel cheated during this experience. There’s so much to do and so much of the design to look at that you get caught up in things. There’s something about Nightfall that makes you not quite sure what is going to happen next. It’s a great room.


Overall :

Lamya – I loved it. We got really frustrated in here and did not work together very well, but the atmosphere and the idea of this room made up for that. As well, we ran out of hints fairly early because we were not thinking straight, but the guys were great and helped nudge us along when it became clear we would be in the room for 15 minutes at the end without making any progress. They also walked us through the last quarter of the room to show us how to solve it, which is really, really cool. So in short, awesome room, awesome experience. Do it.

Jason – It’s a fantastic experience. It looks beautiful and there are so many sensory experiences in Nightfall as well. Go with as big a group as you can because there’s a lot to do but it will also enhance your enjoyment of the room. As Lamya said already we were completely hopeless at the end but the GTFO guys wanted to show us how to get to the end and let us spend a lot more time in the room after it was all over. This is a very cool escape room and once again very different from others in the city.