The Directive

May 2017

So close! We did this room with 4 people and needed another 5 minutes to get out, but we weren’t able to do it in the 45 minutes. GTFO recommends 6 players and that’s probably a good idea!

Challenge level:

Lamya – The Directive rounds out GTFO’s rooms perfectly. The Heist and Nightfall are good starter rooms here, then you can advance up to Visiting Hour and this one is a great test for those who’ve done all of GTFO’s rooms or just some escape rooms in general. It’s listed as “high” for difficulty and that’s pretty accurate. My favourite rooms are ones where you are challenged all the way through and the puzzles get incrementally harder and this room is a great example of that. Nothing is given to you at the start and there are no huge leaps from one puzzle to the next. It’s a tough but solvable room and it helps to have a few different brain types in here!

Jason – This room is challenging but for different reasons than most rooms. Communication is a huge factor here and there is a lot to do so you need at least a group of 4 to tackle this room and even though the challenge level is higher there is still an opportunity for basically any group to complete this room. Even if you are first-timers you could escape if your communication skills were working perfectly.



Lamya – There’s a lot of cool room things to see in this room but the real creativity is in the puzzles and they are very immersive. What I appreciate about this room is we’ve heard so much lately about “tech” (puzzles with a highly technological element to them) but often times, the talk and the execution don’t always match up. In The Directive, everything worked perfectly and so the only issue was whether you were getting it and not if the “tech” was working. That’s what really makes those puzzles shine in this room.

Jason – It was good to be back at GTFO after so much time away. Part of that time was because we’d done every room and partially due to their closure to fix up after the fire in their building. Creativity is on full display in this room. The design is fantastic and the escalation of the puzzles and drama are spot on. GTFO, and some of the newer escape room places in Edmonton are starting to pull ahead of the rest of the competition in the way they structure their rooms and create their puzzles. I know that Lamya probably covered a lot of the points I could make already but the last thing I’ll say is that this room achieved that perfect amount of excitement that makes you forget that you’re in an escape room and feel fully immersed in the experience.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – As with the creativity, the puzzles are excellent in this room and collectively, that makes the room one big wow. It’s just a lot of fun to progress through it and be rewarded with either an audible or visual cue. This room doesn’t need gimmicks. It’s just really really good.

Jason – The wow factor here is in the flawless design and seamless transition from puzzle to puzzle. This room creates some great drama and that’s big in terms of wow factor as well.


Overall :

Lamya – I’ve been gushing about this room all through the review and honestly, when we put together our next Top 5 list (old ones are here and here), this will be on it. GTFO is just head and shoulders above most other escape room places in Edmonton and this room solidifies it. We’ve seen elements of The Directive in other rooms in the city but GTFO just does them all so much better. The experience here from start (the lobby/service/signing in) to the room (all of them!) to finish (the pic and the service on the way out) is almost unmatched. Do this room (with 6 people!)!

Jason – It was great to be back at GTFO. I still didn’t really have any expectations coming in to this new room. I didn’t even read any descriptions online. I knew that we’d had a lot of fun in their rooms in the past and I felt like things would probably be close to the same again. I wasn’t disappointed at all. This newest room is just pure fun. There is a reason why we constantly recommend GTFO when people ask about escape rooms in Edmonton to try. I believe that all four of the rooms at GTFO are perfect for almost any group of people and now that they’ve re-opened they have regained their place at the top of the Edmonton escape room ladder. Logic Lock, Escape City, and even Sidequests are nipping at their heels and it’s creating a fun environment of good old fashioned competition in this industry. I highly recommend trying this room out and I’m already looking forward to coming back.