The Heist

December 2015

We did this room as a couple…so just the two of us. We got about 90% through, but it was obvious we needed at least a few more hands to help us through the room. Mostly, we did not fight, though, so that’s a bonus!

Challenge level:

Lamya – This is one of those perfect balance rooms. Lots of puzzles to solve, some fairly simple and others a little more complicated. There are different things that can be done at once, and as always with these moderate difficulty rooms, it’s easy to overlook some very obvious things, so don’t be that person! But as I mentioned, don’t try doing this room with less than 4 people. There are a series of challenges that require lots of people working at once. Of all the GTFO rooms, this one is the best to start with.

Jason – The challenge is in that perfect range. Things start out fairly manageable and get ramped up as you go. We did this room as a couple but 4 or more people could tear through it at a good pace. Things get harder as you get toward the end and more people is an asset.



Lamya – Super cool. This room was a visual treat. So fun to look at and work in. There are a lot of details that you can appreciate after you’re out of the room and your heart rate has come down. And the puzzles are wide-ranging in their skill requirements, so it hits the right note in pretty much every category.

Jason – The creativity level of this room is terrific. There are so many layers to the experience. Sometimes an escape room is just about finding the key to unlock the door to get out but other times it is so much more than that. The Heist is one of those rooms. There’s a whole story to things that makes sense as you get closer to the end. It’s hard to describe without giving away spoilers but needless to say it is a lot of fun. I wish I had one of those Men in Black memory eraser things so I could attempt the room again.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – All over the place. Lots and lots of WOW. It was a really exciting and fun room to be in. I literally skipped and bounced and squealed after solving some of the puzzles. It was just so much fun to make progress in this room to see what it would lead you to and what would happen. One of the best in the city for this category!

Jason – Big time wow factor. The end is just lots of wow. This is when all those little extra details come in that GTFO provides. It extremely fun and you forget you’re in an escape room and become fully immersed in the whole experience.


Overall :

Lamya – Loved it! This room turned me into a huge GTFO fan and any room they create after this will be one I make sure I go to RIGHT AWAY. This is an excellent room and one I might recommend for first-timers. So cool, so fun and I can’t think of a single way to make it better.

Jason – I really do wish I could go back and do this room with a large group of people. This room was part of our first impression of GTFO and they made a great one. The design and challenge level and all the little details and surprises make The Heist such a treat.