Visiting Hour

January 2016

We came back with a full group of 6, all family and friends. And we solved it in 42:50!

Challenge level:

Lamya – GTFO staff say this is their hardest room and I think I would agree. But, it’s not impossible, and that’s why GTFO is so good in general. The challenge level never gets too high that only the smallest fraction of groups can solve it. This room is tough, but solvable. I sound like a broken record, but go with the full group of 6. There’s lots of work to be done and you need a variety of thinking styles (and doers) to get through this room.

Jason – The thing about a room like this is that you’re happy when you go with a group of 6 people that all know each other. Sometimes there is a puzzle that one person can solve and then there are others that require some real teamwork. It’s a great mix in this room and it’s definitely a challenge. There were a couple times when I thought we’d really hit a dead end until we eventually figured it out. I’ll also mention at this point that GTFO does things a little differently when it comes to hints. Usually in these escape rooms you get 45 minutes to escape and 2 hints. In GTFO rooms you have to earn your hints by finding little hint coins in the rooms. This is a fun little bonus and finding an extra hint coin helped us complete the room in time.



Lamya – This is a great room. You are put into a mental hospital setting and it certainly is made to feel that way. There are lots of different challenges that I had seen as a concept elsewhere but were done in a better more creative way in Visiting Hour. And of course, as with every room at GTFO, there were completely new ones too. The fact that the room is creative and challenging without me as a participant really noticing all the work that went into making it that way is a true testament to how seamless and enjoyable of an experience these guys have made all of their rooms.

Jason – Once again the GTFO guys go the extra mile to make you feel immersed in the experience. The room didn’t have anything I hadn’t really seen before but there are a couple of details that GTFO puts in there that make all the difference.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – This is a room where I feel you can anticipate the wows and see where they might show up/appear, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It actually kind of raises your adrenaline and anticipation even more so that you won’t miss those surprises when you finally achieve them. Lots of things to excite you and push you towards the end.

Jason – Once again, there’s nothing I haven’t seen before but it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy every little thing that happened in the escape room. That wow factor in this room comes from the progression of the challenges and once you get to a point where you think you might actually be able to escape in time then you really feel your heart racing.


Overall :

Lamya – Another great room. Just solid, exhilarating escape room fun. This would be the 2nd or 3rd room to try here, and in general, I would do the GTFO rooms first in the city. The only problem with that is that is raises your expectation level and escape room standard so high, some other places might disappoint.

Jason – This room was a lot of fun. I had high expectations after trying their first two rooms and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s all about the attention to detail at GTFO. If you’re someone like Lamya and I who really enjoy trying out escape rooms then you might start to notice all the work that places like GTFO put into their escape room experience. If you’re new to escape rooms in Edmonton and elsewhere then GTFO will set a high bar and also set you on the road to spending all your money on escape rooms like Lamya and I do now.