Horror Escape (Victoria, BC)

*We did both rooms at Horror Escape over the Easter long weekend, but they’ve already turned over one room, so we’ll just review the one still there (Omen).

General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival: 

Jason – It is a different waiting area for sure. It feels like where the Halloween Store lives the other 11 months of the year.

Lamya – This was a neat lobby. It kind of puts you right into the escape room feel right off the top. It’s the only escape room, actually, where the lobby has been decorated like the rooms, which made it cool. There were big wooden picnic tables to sit on, hay on the floor in some spots, and ravens perched around the entrance. It’s pretty cool.


Jason – Friendly and enthusiastic enough service. Our host was definitely interested in helping us have a great experience and that’s usually all I ask for.

Lamya – Our host was the only one working at the time and she was very friendly and helpful and her hints were really clear. She was nice and enthusiastic and gave us lots of info for future plans. (She also let us know that because we were there on a Friday, we had missed out on the “scare actor,” who only comes in on Saturday!)