We did this room with four strangers, who were really awkward with us before we went into the room, but then we all worked well together once inside. We solved this room with time to spare!

Challenge Level:

Jason– Everything didn’t seem completely easy in this room but usually your first instinct was correct and then you could move on pretty quickly. Things do get more difficult towards the end and the puzzles include some different elements that more and more escape rooms are using right now. It’s a little tricky but it definitely helped to have more people in this room with us.

Lamya – This is definitely on the low end of the challenge scale. Both this room and the one that’s already been turned over (Catacomb) were really quite easy. But that means they’re great for starters, which I imagine a lot of people in Victoria are. This is only one of two escape room facilities there, so unless you were escaping in another city, this is a good entry level spot.


Jason– I think the creativity here is all in the room design. I think they did some really neat things and they really made use of their space here. The puzzles are pretty straightforward, with a tricky ending, but the design and feel of the room really keeps you immersed in that escape room excitement

Lamya – This is a pretty straightforward room. I wouldn’t say there was anything too creative in here, but once again, for the first in the market, they’ve done a good job of considering that, and keeping things fairly simple.

Wow Factor:

Jason– On Fridays and Saturdays they have actors hiding in the rooms to jump out and scare the heck out of you. This isn’t a secret- people actually sign up for this option. So I guess that would definitely be the wow factor during those days. Otherwise there is no wow factor here. They made good use of their energy in other areas such as design and puzzle progression (I’m coining phrases here!).

Lamya – Unfortunately, no. In both rooms, it seemed really obvious that something was going to happen before it did, or you could easily predict the path the room’s puzzles would take. But consider that we have done dozens and dozens of rooms, so our standards are high. I just realize how much of an escape room snob I must sound like!


Jason– It was fun and a tiny bit spooky. I felt pretty good because I was actually contributing to our success as a group so I did enjoy my time there. A little on the easier side but definitely not a waste of time or money.

Lamya – It’s a fun, easy time. Anyone going to Victoria on vacation looking to spend an hour solving some puzzles before dinner should go here, but if you’ve done a lot of rooms, you might be disappointed in the challenge level.