Impulse Escape Room

July 2018

Impulse Escape Room

General Info

Atmosphere upon arrival:

Lamya – Pretty basic. I personally have started to not care at all about the space and I’m really just interested in if the staff are friendly and can keep me excited for the room and get me in there ASAP, and Impulse was able to do that.

Jason – It’s basic but the location is pretty sweet. Very near Whyte and all the action nearby.



Lamya – The service, or lack of it, was really one of the big drawbacks to Impulse 1.0, so the new management will hopefully address that. Gabriel was friendly, helpful, and helped get us in the room quickly. The hints are just that, hints, not too much or too little, and the really allow you to get into and stay in the head space of the game. All good!

Jason – Very friendly staff and we even got to nerd out about escape rooms with him afterwards and talk about our favourites in Edmonton and Calgary as well. A very pleasant experience.