Merlin’s Last Quest

July 2018


We escaped this room in about 57.5 minutes, just under the 60 minute limit! We were a group of 4 and developed some pretty good momentum but we all feel we should have shaved a good 10 minutes off some puzzles we were really hard-headed about. That said, this is an actual 60 minute room (not a 45 minute one with an extended time limit like some others!).

Challenge level:

Lamya – This is a great challenge for ideally a group of 4-6. There are lots of different types of puzzles and communicating with each other is really imperative. You need to concentrate, talk and focus to get through this. That’s not unlike a lot of other rooms, but I felt it was a good amount of work for the 60 minute time frame and for a group of semi-seasoned to seasoned escapers.

Jason – I would put this down as a solid medium, leaning towards more difficult. There is a good progression to this room but you need to keep an open mind when you’re thinking of solutions to the puzzles and working together is always key. It’s a solid challenge.


Lamya – There’s a really nice variety of rooms in here. The end goal is a little different than some of the other magic/sorcery-themed rooms we’ve been in, but there’s a good sprinkling of logic and association puzzles in here. I would say there are a few things that come close to being something we’ve never seen before, so Impulse is taking a common escape room puzzle and turning it on its head a little (especially for those who are used to certain puzzles).

Jason – The design/theme of this room is something that we haven’t seen a lot of lately but it’s a really well designed room and there is a wide variety of puzzles. The room looks fantastic and you really feel immersed in the experience the whole time.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – I will substitute wow factor for hard and obvious confirmation of completing a puzzle correctly, and this room does that well. The setting/room decor is pretty cool and I always love being able to move through different spaces in an escape room. As for any puzzle/puzzle reveals, not a huge wow, but good consistency throughout. 

Jason – Wow factor here is that everything works perfectly. Sometimes there can be a lot going on and things working properly is essential in having a good escape room experience. This room ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to the details I love to see in a room. This has a few different types of those satisfying little details and it made the room a lot of fun. You can tell that they worked hard on this room and those efforts were not wasted.

Overall :

Lamya – I really liked this room. To be honest, summer of 2018 is not going to be the escape room extravaganza Jason and I went on in the past few years because I have tired a little of rooms either being so similar to what we’ve already done or just being mediocre (and also ME being mediocre in them lol), but this room and the ones we did in dreamEscape in Leduc really helped me get back into escape rooms. This one is solid, lots of work to do, it all makes sense and there’s some great momentum you can build with your team if you’re communicating. I would definitely recommend it for those who’ve done a few rooms and had some success. It was a lot of fun!

Jason – This room was a LOT of fun. Lamya mentions this but it’s true that we’ve done so many rooms and when you do rooms that are just meh it doesn’t make you want to do another one. The last three rooms we have done have been great experiences and it has renewed my excitement about the new things you can do and see when it comes to escape rooms in Edmonton and the surrounding area. I definitely recommend checking out Impulse and this Merlin room as soon as you can. I’m already looking forward to trying their next rooms.