General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival:

Lamya – It’s finally nice to have an escape room place on Whyte Ave! InTRAP is pretty basic when you come in. You check in right away. Things are friendly and relaxed. There’s a really cool waiting room that makes it feel like you’re in your living room, so that’s always a nice way to ease into the experience. Lockers and coat-hangers are available, as they are in most places.

Jason – InTRAP is in a great location right on Whyte Ave and InTRAP is in the basement in between Block 1912 and the Princess Theatre. They have a pretty basic front desk area where you go to pay and sign your waivers but then they have another larger waiting area that’s like a mini-lounge with couches and a TV and water. It’s a nice big area and there’s a spot to hang your coat and lockers for your stuff.


Lamya – All good! Things were very easy and simple. The staff on our visit was super welcoming and friendly and they were excited to get us started in our room. Very nice, and they let you get right to it!

Jason – The staff are very friendly and eager to make sure you have a good time. We visited Intrap on their first weekend and even thought they’re just getting started they were ready and organized.