Cell No. 8

March 2017

We did this room as a group of 4 and we escaped! Hooray! At first the people at InTrap said that this room was the easiest room they had but recent statistics show that Pharaoh’s Treasure is actually the easiest room. Fun fact.

Challenge Level:

Jason – We were informed beforehand that Cell No. 8 would probably be a little harder than Pharaoh’s Treasure. This is pretty accurate. On the difficulty spectrum this would be on the easier side of things but once again there is a decent amount of challenge to everything you do. The thing I love about InTrap is that their puzzles are well thought out and have a nice progression. I’ve said this before but it’s really something I’ve enjoyed about this place. Things do get a little harder as you progress in the room and the last challenge is probably the hardest one but it’s not impossible.

Lamya – Immediately, it feels like this room is solvable but not a gimme, so that’s very motivating. It was a lot of fun because it found that nice middle ground. It would be something that seasoned escapers would be able to power through quickly, and in fact, I think we saw some really quick times on InTrap’s victory wall. But I liked it a lot.


Jason: The prison break situation is one that I feel like I’ve done before but we actually haven’t done a room exactly like this before. It’s another pretty rich scenario to draw ideas from. There are a lot of details about this room that I like, even though nothing feels completely brand new. The room does feel fresh and I think that’s because of the way everything is organized and designed. We always try to write about these rooms without giving things away but we still want to portray how we felt while trying to escape the room. The first half of the puzzles in the escape room are fairly straightforward but still enjoyable but I do like how the second half plays out. Once again, everything just feels well thought out and every clue and puzzle is there for a reason. I’m very impressed by InTrap in the two rooms we’ve done so far.

Lamya – There were a lot of really cool things about this room, especially the fact that there are two challenges that focus on PHYSICAL problem-solving. Don’t break the room, please. That’s not what I mean. In my opinion, adding a small aspect of physicality in exchange for mental strength is something most escape rooms aren’t doing, a major oversight and wasted opportunity. That’s what adds to the creativity of this room, along with the nature of some of the puzzles.

Wow Factor:

Jason – A few really great features to this room. When you add up every detail about this room the wow factor is definitely on the higher end of the scale. Once again, I don’t think I would say that there are things in this room I’ve never seen before but there are definitely things done in a different way and that was what made it a great experience for me. We also escaped so that makes me very happy.

Lamya – There are some good wows in here. Nothing crazy, but a few satisfying “cool!” moments. Those wows, like Pharaoh’s Treasure, aren’t in your face so you need to be on the ball to recognize what’s going on.


Jason – I really enjoyed my experience in Cell No. 8. I think that overall InTrap is a pretty safe bet for an escape room experience in Edmonton. Things may be a little on the easy side but by no means a cake walk. We did this room after visiting another escape room place in town earlier in the day (more reviews!) and I enjoyed Cell No. 8 more than that room and we escaped both rooms. I can’t recommend InTrap enough. I think the rooms I’ve done are fun and well thought out. They make the best use of their space and everything about both our visits so far has been enjoyable.

Lamya – So far, our InTrap experience has been great. The rooms are satisfying and worth the time, money and effort. The rooms are well-thought out and built to get you more and more excited. Cell No. 8 fits that and is an exciting and doable room.