Pharaoh’s Treasure

March 2016

We did this room as a couple and we escaped! We should also mention that the nice people at InTRAP invited us to try a room for free. Normally we wouldn’t review a room if we did it for free but we had a chance to talk with the people at InTRAP about our experience and there’s nothing in this review that we haven’t already told them personally so we feel good about sharing the experience on the blog as well.

Challenge level:

Lamya – This is a really fun room. For anyone who’s done one or two escape rooms, this would be a perfect game to try. One of the more common questions we get is “where do we start?” and this will be part of my answer from now on. It’s got some great challenges, but nothing too difficult. You can gain really nice momentum and that’s one of the best feelings you can get in an escape room!

Jason – This room is on the easy end of the spectrum but it’s by no means a cake walk. I was quite impressed by the level of challenge that the room presented but I was mostly impressed by the progression of the challenges and puzzles in the room. Things get a little bit harder as you go and all of the puzzles are pretty well thought out. If you’ve done a lot of escape rooms before you will probably see some things you may recognize but there should be some things you might not have seen before as well.


Lamya – Jason does a good job of explaining our past experience with this theme below, so I won’t repeat too much. But the room is neat and does a lot for what is an unassuming room. As you move through it, you really start to realize there are different details that make this room neat, especially one of the final puzzles. Something very cool that I’ve never seen before! Also, I have a weird thing about different locks, and this room has one that I’ve never seen before. So cool!

Jason – This is the second room we have done with this Egyptian Pharaoh theme. We did one in Calgary last month (more reviews!) and this is the first in Edmonton. I have a feeling that this theme is a gold mine for escape room designers. There are so many possibilities that are conjured up with that thought of tombs and pyramids and mummies and stuff like that. The design of the room is pretty decent. They made good use of their space and you can tell that nothing was slapped together quickly or thoughtlessly. There are very nice little design things that they’ve done in this room and their creativity also shows in their puzzles as well. Things are well thought out.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – There are definitely moments in this room that made you go “wow!” Actually, there are 3 or 4 pretty fun wow moments in here, the key is to make it closer to the end. There are a few puzzles that you need to be very careful with to get to the wow, but the payoff is a great one. Lots of fun quirks to this room that elevate it above some very straightforward ones.

Jason – There’s definitely a good amount of wow factor to this room. Some really pleasing little twists and turns. Pharaoh’s Treasure has those little reveals you want in an escape room. The room is pretty unassuming at first which really helps when you uncover its secrets. Very decent amount of wow factor here.


Lamya – It was just a really great overall experience here. Right from the start, the staff, the check-in process and the set-up for the rooms: all of it is really easygoing and not at all intimidating, which makes these rooms accessible to both rookies and vets alike. It was a really fun room with nice rewards as we went along. We use the phrase “sweet spot” a lot when reviewing rooms, and I think this one can fairly be put into that category: enough challenge, creativity and wow to make this room worth a trip!

Jason This was our first time at InTRAP and I had literally no idea what to expect from the place. The whole experience was very pleasant. Like we said before, they’re brand new on the scene and are eager to please. After the experience we had today Lamya and I will definitely be back to try their other rooms and we’ll be dragging our friends and family along with us as well. I would recommend Pharaoh’s Treasure to anyone who has done a few rooms before and wants a little more of a challenge but nothing too difficult. This room can definitely be a good introductory room as well. It’s also a good room to try as a couple because it doesn’t have a ton of work to get through. A group of four is probably the ideal group for the size of this room and you won’t be bumping into each other. We had a lot of fun in this room. It was a great Sunday afternoon on Whyte Ave and the location of InTRAP is a really nice addition to the atmosphere on Whyte. A nice alternative to whatever the hell it is that people in their 20s are doing nowadays.