The Haunted Apartment

May 2016

We escaped this room with 1:30 left! It was just the two of us and we felt really good about saving our hints for exactly when we needed them (including one where we were able to turn the host away because we figured something out between the time when we called for help and when she came!).

Challenge Level:

Jason – There is a lot to do in this room but definitely not too much. Part of the challenge is getting through everything with time to spare. This is InTrap’s hardest room but there’s nothing insanely tough about it. Just compared to the other two this has the most challenge to it. I really like how their puzzles are thought out and executed. Sometimes deceivingly simple and other times clever but never just outright impossible. Really good stuff in this room.

Lamya – InTRAP does a really good job of finding that sweet spot Jason and I talk about so much. While InTRAP says this is their hardest room (which is accurate), it has more to do with the number of puzzles you need to solve as opposed to the difficulty level. Personally, those are my favourite escape rooms. So this is a lot of fun, challenging but solvable and good for small groups and even ones up to 6  because there’s always something to do. I really liked it.


Jason: Something I’ve noticed about InTrap is how they make use of their space. I think they make great use of what they have. The rooms are always designed pretty well and are always filled with lots of props and decorations. This room doesn’t have anything we haven’t really seen before but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t interesting. I think it’s set up quite well and the final part is definitely creepy. YOU WILL BE SCARED IN THIS ROOM. People always ask us if escape rooms are scary and usually we say not really. But not this time. I love how much thought is put into the puzzles and challenges in this room and the progression (something I’m always talking about) is in that perfect sweet spot.

Lamya – Finally I have a room to recommend to people who actually WANT to be creeped out! Seriously…there are so many people who ask about that one factor: they either want the creep or don’t want the creep. If you want it, this is the room for you. Visually, the room is interesting and has something to stimulate your imagination all the way through.

Wow Factor:

Jason – I don’t want to give things away here but you will be scared and you will be wowed in this room. They did a really good job with this room. I am always enjoying myself when I’m doing an InTrap escape room and the Haunted Apartment was no different. Other places have their ups and downs and frustrating moments but InTrap seems to always keep you on your toes and having a good time.

Lamya – One of the main wows of this room has nothing to do with solving a puzzle. I don’t want to give it away, and I’m not quite sure “wow” is the right word for it, but it certainly adds a layer of “experience” to the room. I liked it (even though I didn’t). It was exhilarating and fit the room’s theme. When you go and experience it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Jason – I definitely had a good time in this room but not as much as Lamya probably. I know she will give this room a great review because she was FLYING through the puzzles. I was helping but I definitely took a backseat to Lamya’s prowess in this room. I hesitate to even rank this room among the other InTrap rooms because I enjoyed all of them. I’m pretty bummed that we won’t be back there for awhile. I will always recommend this place to people because of how solid the experience is when you visit them and also because of the location. Yesterday we walked down Whyte Ave on a beautiful afternoon, did an escape room at InTrap, then left and had lunch and a drink on a patio, and then walked down Whyte Ave some more. It was a pretty perfect day. Check out InTrap if you haven’t already.

Lamya – It’s a great room, my favourite at InTRAP. It helps you develop that nice rhythm, and once you get into it, you feel really smart, and everyone’s going to escape rooms to boost their intellectual self esteem, right? It’s a fun 45 minutes, well worth the money and the time, and it’s super satisfying once you complete it!