Key Quest

Key Quest has finally melded the noble pursuit of escape rooms with the high octane world of laser tag. That’s right- Laser Quest in west Edmonton has two escape rooms in an area called Keyquest. A great thing about Key Quest is that they charge $15 per person instead of the usual $25 that every other place in Edmonton charges. For that price it’s worth checking out if you enjoy escape rooms as much as we do.

Atmosphere on arrival

Lamya – Maybe it’s because big birthday outings were never part of my childhood, but when I stopped into Laser Quest, I did what a 5 year old does: I stepped and looked up and around, with my mouth open, and said “wow!” It’s a big place that’s set up mostly for laser tag and kids bdays, but for me, it got me a little giddy. I don’t expect it will do that for everyone (you privileged kids!), but it’s very different than typical escape room lobbies, for obvious reasons.

Jason – Hey man, it’s a laser tag place. The lobby is big and colorful and inviting. The staff is very friendly and it appears that they are all happy with their jobs. They were delightful and extremely helpful, considering they are helping us book our escape room in between wrangling large groups of nine year olds in the middle of a laser tag birthday party.


Lamya – It was great! We were greeted really warmly when we came in and our guide through both escape rooms was enthusiastic and helpful and really a joy to be around. His energy was contagious.

Jason – These guys and girls are great. They deal mostly in laser tag but were very helpful and involved when guiding you through your escape room experience. I was pleasantly surprised by this whole experience.