Vacation Vandals

January 2016

We did this room as a couple right after we tried The Cellar. We did not complete this room and we would have been better off attempting it with another couple people at least.

Challenge Level

Lamya – This is a tough room! There’s so much to solve that it would most certainly require 4 people. You have so many puzzles to solve, and unlike The Cellar, this one involves working together on a couple of puzzles at a time because you need to solve one before the other. You can’t just scatter and work on your own stuff. It’s a hard room…certainly a challenge.

Jason– This room has a lot to do as well. There are some great puzzles in this room. I was really impressed by the thought and creativity that went into these challenges. There is a linear progression to this room which is usually helpful because it makes tackling each challenge a little simpler but with this room it was difficult because so many challenges are still presented to you at once- even though things can only be completed linearly. This is a must try for people who like puzzles and riddles for sure.


Lamya – Again, I’m not going to look at the design of the room. While I mentioned in The Cellar that there was still enough to make me feel the theme, that is not the case for this room. And again, I’m willing to forgo setting for challenge and the cheaper price tag. As for the puzzles, they fit the theme of travel around the world and they were neat. Lots of variety and I never once did a puzzle where I thought I’d seen any of the clues before.

Fun side story: Jason and I once turned our house into an escape room when we invited people over for dinner. We locked them out of the house and hid in the bathroom and were super, super quiet so we could hear our guest go through the room. We had some similar travel-related puzzles in our escape room, so it was fun to see them here.

Jason– This room has even less atmosphere than The Cellar. This is a bare bones kind of room. It is,however, filled with puzzles. Filled! There isn’t much to look at on the walls and things like that but there is a lot of information to gather and you have a lot of fun moving from challenge to challenge. Lamya and I only fought once during this room because she thought I wasn’t being supportive enough. It did take me awhile to warm up to the room but once we got going I was really loving all the puzzles and was sad when it was over.

Wow Factor

Lamya – You won’t find it in this room. It’s not really about the wow, anyways, with both Key Quest rooms. It’s about the gratification of solving a whole bunch of puzzles. But if wow matters to you, you might not like this room.

Jason– Pretty much zero here in terms of a traditional wow factor. This room is about unlocking lock boxes and safes and briefcases and all kinds of things. There’s so much stuff in this room and once again I was wowed by the thought that went into the puzzles.


Lamya – If you’re going to an escape room to challenge yourself, then go here. Plain and simple. You get no bells and whistles, just lots and lots of puzzles, which for me, is the most important thing. The value is great for this room, although if you need to be immersed in a setting, this room had no scene-setting music so you could hear everything going on in the lobby. It didn’t take away from things for me, but it might for you.

Jason– Overall I did have a really good time in this room. It’s better to do this room as a group of 4 or so because you can really bounce ideas off each other more easily and it’s probably a little easier to get swept up in the challenge. I would recommend checking this place out just for the puzzles and riddles and the price is also pretty sweet as well. Our whole experience at Key Quest was definitely a pleasant surprise.