Level 1 Escape (Calgary)

General Info

*Quick note: almost all the rooms at Level 1 have turned over since we were there. The one lasting one is The Haunting of Apartment 103, so we’ll review that, but everything else should be taken more lightly because so much has likely changed and they’re more established now.

Atmosphere Upon Arrival: 

Jason – The atmosphere is nice. It’s bright with a nice waiting area. Everything feels more creepy when you do an escape room there at 11:00pm like we did once. That scariness just adds to the fun.

Lamya – We went to Level 1 quite a while ago, and they were just starting up then. While the lobby was colourful and had couches and games to play, it was under construction. So if I can imagine that away, it was a pretty neat, bright, open area.


Jason – The people there were really enthusiastic about their rooms and they wanted us to have a great time. I was never really sure who was an employee and who was just hanging out there. They also made a point of telling us about escape rooms in Edmonton and Calgary we should NOT go to. That was a bit of a turnoff but they were just trying to help.

Lamya – Once again, they were just starting out and getting their legs under them, so I’m not really sure it’s fair to say much about this area, other than the staff was very helpful and accommodating and their hints (because we really needed them) were fairly clear.