The Haunting of Apartment 103

We solved this room. At the point that we did this room, we were still early on in our escape room obsession. It was just the two of us while it was frustrating, we sort of solved the puzzle in a flukey way, which is to say we got out by solving the final puzzle, but we didn’t solve it the way we were supposed to.

Challenge Level:

JasonA lot of time has passed but there is a decent amount of challenge to this room. Escpecially considering the size of the room. There is a good amount of thought put into the clues and puzzles. The overall creepiness of this room makes it more difficult as well. You’ll know what I mean when you do the room.

Lamya – Looking back on it, this is a moderately-hard room. It has a decent number of puzzles, some of them are quite challenging, but you’d be able to power through this at a fairly good pace if you’ve already done a few rooms. I’m not spoiling anything by saying it’s a very dark room and if you have more than two, or even if you have two, you really need to cooperate to use your light wisely.


JasonThey have a couple innovations that really make you feel invested in the story and the action. It’s very cool stuff that we’ve not seen before. The room design is really good and they make great use of sounds and lights. The final portion of the room is very cool and the final puzzle is extremely well thought out, but we fluked out and solved it anyway. I was pretty happy to escape because the ‘haunting’ was feeling a little too real at that point.

Lamya – This room has a feature that I have yet to see that is one of the most creative and excellent elements I’ve ever seen in a room. It’s so cool and so exciting when you see if and use it that you’ll be shocked that no other rooms (that we’ve been to, anyways) have incorporated this into their rooms too. Without saying too much, it’s one of the best uses of technology than any of the rooms we’ve been to.

Wow Factor:

JasonA couple wows here. They use technology in a way we’ve not seen before. One thing I’ll say about it is that it’s a way to use a cell phone that we’ve never even thought of. Very cool. Also there are some very scary and stressful moments. Really good.

Lamya – There’s some wow here, in a few different ways. I mentioned the creative use of technology above, but this room is seriously creepy. Like, really creepy (we did this room at 11pm when no one else was around which just added to that!). Part of the wow is built into the creep factor. I screamed many times in this room, haha, so that counts, right?


JasonThis room was a lot of fun. Doing it almost at midnight probably added to that scare factor. Overall I think they made great use of their space and had good clues and some new tricks and twists. Very fun. You should go see it while it’s still there.

Lamya – This is an excellent room. Jason and I still talk about some of the features vaguely when we start going on about escape rooms with friends. Challenging, creative, terrifying and exciting. I loved it!