Logic Lock

***This is the first time I’ve ever done and escape room without Jason! So for now, I’ll have my thoughts and hopefully Jason will add his after our next visit to Logic Lock.

*Update: August 19th. Jason finally visited Logic Lock last week and his review of Warehouse of Thieves is now up*

General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival:

Lamya – The first time I went to Logic Lock, I went with my sister and her two kids (aged 12 and 10). The building right on Jasper between 103rd and 104th Streets is a great spot. Logic Lock is on the upstairs level and it’s nice and wide open. It was obviously quiet when we arrived but the space feels like it has some character and isn’t as antiseptic as some of the newer escape places at the moment. And there’s definitely enough room, which is great.

Jason- It’s a nice space and very large but welcoming. A nice little spot right on Jasper Ave is pretty cool as well.


Lamya – The service was excellent! Thomas greeted us when we arrived and he was friendly and energetic and really great with the kids. My niece and nephew were a little shy, even though they were excited, and Thomas’ attitude helped them come out of their shells a little. On a side note, I’ve become increasingly picky about new rooms and places, and one of my huge pet peeves is when it becomes clear that the new operators don’t really do escape rooms as a hobby. That doesn’t seem to be an issue here, which is refreshing.

Jason- The service is great. Being a new place they are really excited about their facility and can’t wait to share the experience with new customers. I’m also very excited to go back to try their other rooms as well.