Finding Sherlock Holmes

August 2016

We did this room as a group of five, with a little six year old in tow. We did not escape the room but came about 95% of the way. The final clue was within our grasp but we had just wasted too much time earlier on.

Challenge Level:

Jason- This is Logic Lock‘s hardest room and it shows. There is plenty to do in this room and having a larger group will definitely help you out. Some of the challenges are sort of multilayered and everything is very Sherlock Holmes-y.

Lamya – This was a difficult room. You really have to be discerning and you can’t waste time. The one nice thing was we could all work on different puzzles at once. There’s lots of work to do in this room, and at some points, you need some solid teamwork. It’s a good challenge, but at times, if you can’t figure anything out, you’ll slowly feel the energy sucked out of you. For us, it took us a long time to make our first breakthrough.


Jason- This room gets full marks for creativity. The room design is flawless and everything is very true to the Sherlock Holmes theme. From the set design to the puzzle design and even the way you need to approach some of the puzzles- if you’re a Sherlock fan then you should check this room out. Everything is well thought out and I would say that there’s a fairly good progression to this room. The change is a bit severe but it’s a good one.

Lamya – It’s a neat room. This room fits the theme and is a solid room that clearly took a lot of energy and effort, but it doesn’t blow you away like the other rooms at Logic Lock will. There are a lot of cool touches you think about after that you aren’t really able to appreciate until later because you’re working so hard. As for puzzles, decent variety and some interesting approaches.

Wow Factor: 

Jason- There’s nothing here we haven’t really seen before but the wow factor here is definitely in the room design itself.

Lamya – Not much in this room. It’s really obvious right from the get-go where the one surprise will be, hence making it not a huge surprise.


Jason- I think that overall this is a very solid room. Our group didn’t really gel with it like we may have been expecting to but objectively speaking I think the room is definitely worth checking out. Personally I just couldn’t find myself able to concentrate long enough to focus on a specific challenge. I do really like how there is a lot to do in this room and it’s perfect for large groups. I think the ending is actually pretty awesome, especially for Sherlock fans. We spent a ton of time on one specific puzzle so we were really in a rush by the end so that took us out of it a little bit. This is an impressive room for sure and I definitely recommend it to groups looking for a challenge or any Sherlock Holmes fans. They won’t be disappointed.

Lamya – There’s nothing wrong with this room and in fact, it’s a pretty good room. But of all the Logic Lock rooms, Warehouse and Poltergeist would be my first two picks. The room is a good test and I could see how some teams could really power through this room in no time at all, despite its difficulty rating.