August 2016

***Recently, Jason and I did a few escape rooms with family from out of town and we split up, so I’m the only one of the two of us who’s been in Poltergeist. Jason is eager to try it and will add his review soon!

***UPDATE*** Hey guys! It’s me, Jason! I finally did Poltergeist over Christmas with Lamya’s sisters and niece and nephew and we also escaped the room. Now I’ll add to the review.

I did this room with a total of 5 people, most of which had little to no escape room experience and they were AMAZING! We completed this room with just a few minutes to spare!

Challenge Level:

Lamya –In my previous review of Logic Lock’s The Warehouse of Thieves, I raved about how it had found the sweet spot: the perfect challenge level for mixed groups (vets and rookies). Poltergeist is the same, which is wonderful, because it’s really hard to find rooms that aren’t too easy and aren’t too difficult. Poltergeist was more challenging than the Warehouse, and it’s a lot of fun. You can gain some good momentum and while there are some difficult puzzles, for the most part, the room is very doable and feels great to progress through.

Jason- This room is right in that nice medium range for challenge level. It’s also right in the middle at Logic Lock: not the hardest and not the easiest either. There is a good array of puzzles and there is always something to do. We had a couple sticky situations at the beginning (which seems to always happen with me. I never start a room off with a lot of momentum) and we used our hints in the right spots for sure. I know I say this a lot when I enjoyed a room but Logic Lock puts a lot of thought into their puzzles and it shows here.


Lamya – The second you walk into this room, you’re overwhelmed by the theme, in a good way. It’s neat, it’s creepy, and it’s cool. It really helps to add to the experience. As for the puzzles, there are some really interesting puzzles, and maybe a wider range of puzzles in the room than most in the city. I personally don’t mind opening a whole bunch of locks if the puzzles are challenging enough, but this room is a step up from that. Sure, there are plenty of locks to open, but Logic Lock seems to put extra care into making the room exciting when you’ve solved a puzzle.

Jason- The creepy doll room theme is a classic in the escape room world. If you own an escape room facility and don’t yet have a creepy doll room in your rotation then you should seriously consider it. Poltergeist is a great room for creating a creepy ambiance. Everything looks normal but it’s slightly off a bit and it’s a really good start for escape rooms. I already said this but the puzzles are really well thought out here so full points for creativity.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – There are a few wows in here! I would say that the room seems to build to an overall wow. It’s hard to explain, but because the puzzles are so creative and have some interesting payoffs, it feels like you’re getting mini-wows the entire way. And yes, you do get one big wow. But the room is just impressive, so that makes it feel like you’re getting pleasantly surprised the whole way through.

Jason- I finally get to say this for the people who ask me all the time: Yes, this room is scary. I don’t know how most people define scary or what exactly is a scary escape room but I’ll just play it safe and say that you will be scared in this room. We brought 12 and 11 year old into the room and they got scared. They won’t be scarred for life but they jumped a couple times just like the adults did. Hopefully I didn’t give anything away here. There are definitely wows in this room. A couple really cool things for sure and the ending is pretty fantastic as well.


Lamya – After we did this room, I immediately suggested it to a friend asking about rooms for a stagette. It was a very gratifying room, which I think has become more important to me than winning a room. Some wins have felt very hollow, this one was a real triumph. Once again, the non-intrusive hot-cold hint system was really helpful and effective. However, one minor blip when we went was the final puzzle we solved didn’t work, and that would have allowed us to physically escape the room, so we did get robbed of that moment, which was especially disappointing for our out-of-town guests. The host said it was the first time it had ever happened. It always sucks when you don’t get your moment, but it won’t prevent me from going back to Logic Lock or recommending it. It’s pretty clear after doing a couple of rooms there that it’s risen to the top of my list for Edmonton escape places.

Jason- This is a really solid room and I had a very enjoyable time taking it on. I don’t want to repeat myself too much about Logic Lock but this place really takes those extra steps that allows you to have an enjoyable escape room experience. That being said, they can get a bit sloppy from time to time and we have heard anecdotal stories about certain effects not working properly but in general we usually have nothing but positive things to say about Logic Lock. Poltergeist is pretty much everything I look for in an escape room. I like building momentum and solving different kinds of puzzles and I love a few wows being thrown in when you don’t expect them. I definitely recommend this room and bonus points if you’re looking for something a little creepy or scary. First timers would have a good time in this room but I think if you’re looking for a challenge you can also have a good time as well. It’s a very solid experience.