The Gallery

April 2017

We did this room with Lamya’s sister, her very smart 12-year old niece and her very excited 11-year old nephew. Lamya and that crew had successfully solved Warehouse of Thieves together so we had high hopes for this one! And we did pretty good, buuuuut not escaping in time. We took 3 extra minutes at the end and got out. So I guess we made it about 90-95% through when time ran out.

Challenge Level:

Jason- I think this room is just to the easy side of medium difficulty. You will build up a momentum in this room and every time you solve a puzzle you will feel very very smart. That’s why I liked this room so much.

Lamya – This was another one of those “sweet spot” rooms. We definitely should have made it out in time even though we didn’t, but it’s a great room for people who’ve done a few rooms already or even people who are vets but want to bring rookies in with them. It’s not too hard and it’s not too easy but it’s definitely do-able. I can see escape room addicts (minus us) escaping this room in 35 minutes.


Jason- I like this idea of “heist” themed rooms. Escape rooms don’t need to be all about escaping something. You can also break in and steal something and then break out again. It’s all part of the large amount of possibilities that these types of places offer. This room has all the attention to detail that we’ve come to expect from Logic Lock. The puzzles are well thought out as well and like I said before, they aren’t too difficult if you’re attempting the room with a good group.

Lamya – As with every other room at Logic Lock, the theme is always treated with respect and followed through in every detail and twist and turn. The theme of being in a gallery and searching for a jewel allows for some interesting ways to set up puzzles. Lots were ones my niece and nephew could help with, others were more challenging and one seemed unsolvable without a hint, although the staff at Logic Lock say they may be tweaking that one.

Wow Factor: 

Jason- Pretty standard stuff here. Great details all around and little wows and cool bits throughout the room.

Lamya – The room was a lot of fun and kept us excited all the way through. Little wows here and there, nothing huge. But it was very gratifying to get from one puzzle to the next.


Jason- I really enjoyed this room. We did it with five people, two of them kids but they were quite helpful. It had a good amount of space for five people and everyone really enjoyed their time in the room. It’s just plain fun from beginning to end and there are some challenging bits but I love how you can build momentum and feel really good about the progress you make through the room. Highly recommend.

Lamya – It’s a great room! As we do sometimes when we’re making progress, we settle in and take our time and there’s no time for that, haha, so we failed the room mostly for that reason. As well, even after dozens of escape rooms, we probably still didn’t communicate well enough to make sure everything was done as quickly as possible. That said, the room is fun and challenging and definitely worth it!