The Warehouse of Thieves

July 2016

As mentioned in the main page, I did this room with my sister and her two kids, aged 12 and 10. We solved it with just over 5 minutes left!

***I’m hoping to get my sister to add her thoughts about this room too. It will be nice to have her perspective as someone who’s only done one escape room before this one, and as a mom who wanted to make sure her kids were having a good time. Incidentally, they were all better at this room than I was, which confirms my fear that doing more rooms is actually making me worse, haha. But that’s another blog post!

*Update: August 19th. Jason here. I did this room with a group of family and first timers last week so I’ll be adding my review now. We did not complete the room. We were maybe 80-85% complete when time ran out but we had a lot of fun*

Challenge Level:

Lamya – One of the big questions Jason and I get all the time when it comes to escape rooms is “Which is the best room to start with, especially with kids?” We’ve struggled with this one because some of the easier rooms are ones we didn’t really enjoy, but you don’t want someone going and not being able to solve anything at all. The Warehouse of Thieves will now be my new answer. It was awesome! The absolute perfect sweet spot for challenge level. I have done close to 50 escape rooms by now and my sister and her kids had only done one and we worked together so well and made lots of great progress in this room. It was so much fun and I highly recommend it for starters and families, but really, for anyone who enjoys a good challenge. It won’t be the hardest room you do, but it will be very enjoyable and satisfying!

A quick note about the hint system: in our recent review of Escape Emporium, I mentioned how much I hated the system of giving hints via a screen. So when it was mentioned that at Logic Lock, your room is being monitored and hints will come via sound bites, I was a little wary. Instead, the way it worked ended up being the most seamless and non-intrusive system I’ve seen yet. No one interrupts your game, but the hints are clear enough and timely enough to steer you in the right direction. It was really great and we didn’t have to fully stop down to have someone come in and explain things.

Jason– I’m going to try my best not to repeat everything that Lamya has already said here. The challenge level in this room is pretty solid. You are rewarded for paying attention and for working as a team. All of the puzzles and challenges make sense here and there is a really good progression. Progression is a word I use a lot but mostly I just mean that we didn’t get into the room and then were immediately stuck with what to do next. We solved some of the first puzzles early on and that gave us some good momentum moving forward. Congrats to Lamya’s niece and nephew for completing this room because they obviously paid attention to a couple details that us adults did not. Excellent job!


Lamya – The room looks great…exactly like a warehouse! Right away, you can see what you’ll have to solve. There’s a really nice variety of puzzles and that’s why it works, even with my niece and nephew. It could have been easy for them to be bored, but there was enough for everyone to do. I really liked a couple of the puzzles that forced you to not only solve a clue but to apply some sort of (very mild) physical component to ultimately achieve what you’re looking for (that’s me being very vague so I don’t spoil anything!).

Jason- The room really does look great. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a theme similar to this one before. The warehouse theme works great because there are some details you just don’t have to be so precise about. Really great design. Also, this room isn’t completely about just escaping the room. The story element at Logic Lock isn’t just to get you started in a room. You also have to gather some information that will allow you to say that you truly escaped. They kind of go hand in hand. It’s an extra detail that other places try but this place actually has their puzzles and clues all work together and make sense together.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – It’s been a while since I was wowed, and finally, I got some wow in this room! There were a couple of really awesome and exciting things that happened in here, one that I’ve never seen before and a couple of other smaller ones that really helped keep the blood flowing. The best part was seeing the kids’ faces. They really enjoyed these wows and it just elevated the experience for everyone.

Jason- Definitely a couple wows here. Maybe the most we have seen in quite some time. At one point there was an audible squeal of surprise.


Lamya – I did this room at a time when I was becoming very discouraged with the newer spots in town. I’m glad we went here because this made me excited for escape rooms again. The entire experience was excellent from start to finish and the room itself was the perfect challenge in a visually-stimulating environment with really solvable and yet not-too-easy puzzles. I highly, highly recommend this room and I can’t wait to try Logic Lock’s other rooms!

Jason- Lamya was very excited for me to try this room and I now see why. It was definitely disappointing to not escape but that was because we got stumped on one puzzle in particular. We were able to see how the room finishes and I was pretty blown away to be honest. It was fantastic. I’ll also note that at Logic Lock the employees don’t come into your room to give you hints. There are audio clues that you can prompt by just asking for them. I am a big fan of this feature. This is a feature that new escape rooms are investing in that I really think is worth it. It adds to the experience for sure. Lamya and I are almost out of escape rooms to do and we’ve been going up and down with our experiences as of late. Logic Lock is a breath of fresh air for sure. Warehouse of Thieves is solid from top to bottom. First timers and experts will both have a lot of fun in this room.