SideQuests Adventures

General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival:

LamyaSideQuests is a cool little place in the basement of the building that now houses Stage 104. It’s a bright space with lots to do if you’re early (like we were). There are special instructions on the wall to keep quiet about what you saw in your escape room, which I really like because the number 1 concern after groups come out, especially in small lobbies, is that they’re going to give away the hints and answers.

JasonThis basement lobby space isn’t huge but it’s bright and welcoming and there are little tables and board games to play if you arrive early. We usually don’t care much about lobby space but we did arrive early on our first visit here and spent 10-15 minutes playing games before our escape room was ready. It was fun.


Lamya – The service was good! It was pretty laid back, which I really appreciate. We’ve been to a few “hard sell” places lately where the hosts, no matter how well-intentioned, can be a little overwhelming. Things were really low key here, the staff let us know everything we needed to know and then just let us pass the time while our room became open. Friendly, efficient and easygoing. AND I really enjoy their point system. When you get to SideQuests, you’ll see group pics with points on them. SideQuests measures your success not just by escaping, but by doing it in a certain amount of time with as few hints as you can manage. It adds an extra challenge that’s a lot of fun!

Jason- The service was good and pretty thorough. You can definitely tell that all the staff cares a lot about their escape rooms and the experience you have at their business. I’ll add more about the service at SideQuests in the actual room review but I really did like how the staff were excited about their escape rooms but not too overbearing about things.