November 2016

We did this room as a group of 4 and we escaped! Hooray! We hadn’t done an escape room for two whole months but we didn’t seem to have any rust on this night.

Challenge Level:

Lamya – I liked this room a lot. It was challenging without being intimidating and once you got on a roll, you could really make some headway quickly. It required a lot of teamwork and paying attention and once we were able to master that, we felt really good about our progress. I also like the fact that even when you think you’re done this room, you’re not (that’s not a spoiler!).

Jason- This room is mid-level challenging. It’s right in the sweet spot. I don’t want to give things away with this room so I’ll say that all the challenges really matched up with the theme. I really liked this. It felt like it was a really new type of room when it was a theme (Egyptian stuff) that we’ve seen a bunch of times before. Teamwork is a must in this room. It’s also not entirely linear so that’s kind of nice too. I’ll also make a note here about the point system that Sidequests has come up with. This is something that not a lot of places are doing but it was sort of fun to see what your score was after you were done and to compare that score to that of other teams. I wasn’t that interested in hearing about how they tabulate scores in an escape room but many groups might like this, especially if you want to compete with your friends.


Lamya – We have done a number of Egyptian-themed rooms so it was great to see a very different room and experience than our previous ones. The room is really neat-looking, the intro to it adds an acting layer (on the hosts’ part) that other places have not been able to master, but here it was pretty seamless and actually added some stakes to the game, and the puzzles were really interesting. I know some escape places have been challenging themselves to get out of the traditional mold in terms of how to continue on through the room (I’m being a little cryptic here), but SideQuests figured out how to do it without it seeming like that’s what they were trying to do (this will make sense once you do the room, I promise!).

Jason- The creativity in this room starts from the very beginning. The hosts do not enter the room to give you clues but do really help to keep you in the story line mindset for the whole time. It’s a lot of fun. Like I said earlier I really do appreciate the thought that went into the design of the puzzles in this room. They all felt like a natural fit to the theme and some people might not have even noticed but I did and it helped to up the experience for me. I think they really took advantage of all the opportunities for cool stuff there are to do when you have this type of Egyptian theme.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – This room doesn’t really have a ton of wow but it really doesn’t need it. You get a lot of gratification from moving through each puzzle that you don’t really need some big moment to happen. Even then, you get some nice little gifts along the way.

Jason- There is not a massive Wow to this room but there are a lot of little satisfying effects throughout the room and that had a big effect on me. Once again I don’t want to give anything away but if you are a veteran to escape rooms or brand new you will be impressed by the features in this room.


Lamya – This is a great room! I’m glad to be able to add another one to recommend to people, especially those who’ve done three or four easier rooms and want to up the challenge level. This room really allows groups to work together and feel good about what they’ve accomplished. It fits the theme and sticks with it the whole way through. It’s creative and fun to be in. And most importantly, there is enough to do for a group of 4 and possibly one of 6. There’s nothing worse than going in as a big group and only one or two people can work on puzzles. This room is designed specifically opposite of that. It was great!

Jason- I really enjoyed this room. It was mostly just a lot of fun to do and there were no big spots where we got stuck. The hint system that SideQuests has is a little different and in some ways it takes the pressure off. Our group of 4 had something to do all the time and a group of 6 would feel comfortable in this room and maybe even 8 would be not bad. A lot of people are asking us about best rooms to do as a group of 8 and although I think that most are not ideal for a group that large you could definitely give this one a shot without too much trouble. The puzzles in this room make sense and are fun to tackle. The room design is not bad-sort of DIY- but that’s not really a bad thing. The service at SideQuests is what sells you on the whole experience. For our first time here this was a very enjoyable room to do and we’re excited to come back and try out some more.