April 2017

We did this room as a couple and we did not escape. We were warned by friends before doing this room that it would be helpful to have a couple more folks attempt the room with us but we didn’t listen and we were impatient and that’s why we failed. We were about 75% through the room.

**Note from Lamya: We’re going to leave this as a solo review from Jason because to be honest, it’s been a few months since we did this room and I don’t remember much of it, so I don’t want to write something that might be inaccurate or unfair because I’m mixing it up with another room. 

Challenge Level:

Jason- This room has a decent challenge level. I think it’s a bit harder than their Expedition room. What I like most is that there is a progression to the challenge level in this room. It feels like things get a little harder the further you go and at just the perfect interval. We didn’t really get to see how the room ends in terms of how hard the puzzles were but they definitely looked hard to do.


Jason- Full marks for creativity in this room. I like pretty much everything about this room. I like the design and I like how the clues are presented and the puzzles and all the little details. Sidequests only has two full rooms right now but they are both really well done. They have a good challenge level and they do their tech properly and they make great use of their space. They also get full marks for creativity because the person that was helping us with the room was basically doing a character the entire time and for some reason it is way more endearing at Sidequests than at Smartypantz for example. I think it’s mostly because the rooms at Sidequests are better. I talk about progression a lot but in this room I just felt like Lamya and I were making great headway as we solved the puzzles and every part of the process was enjoyable for me. Our time management was what really held us back in this room. I think I having such a good time that I kind of forgot about the time issue and we needed to be going a lot faster than we were going. Overall it was great.

Wow Factor:

Jason- Definitely a few little wows in this room. When you solve puzzles you get little satisfying noises and clicks and things like that. It’s well done and everything works. I was genuinely surprised at least once or twice.


Jason- There is a lot to like about this room and a lot to like about Sidequests in general. While I was doing the room I was having a lot of fun. Lamya and I only fought a little. It was frustrating not to escape this room and I think that if we had 60 minutes or an extra person or two that we would have definitely escaped or come really close. That’s partly our fault for not wanting to wait for others. Objectively speaking, this room has everything you should be looking for. It’s great for a small group of 4 ideally and it has satisfying effects and puzzles and a cool little story. I highly recommend this room and Sidequests in general. I think they’re doing good work and have a nice little location in downtown Edmonton.