Spies and Lies

January 2016

We did this room with a total of 6 people, all family and friends. We did not finish this room, and were in fact not very close to doing so. We made it about 70% through.

Challenge level:

Lamya – This room is definitely a tough one. It involved more red herrings than almost any room I’ve been in, and that can be annoying. A few are understandable, but this one had a lot. It verged on being unsolvable in my opinion. There was just too much stuff to go through and then to determine what was actually usable to get done in 45 minutes.

Jason – This room is quite difficult. I never want to give things away but the easiest way I can put it about this room is that there is a mountain of information and clues to sift through. It takes a lot of teamwork and communication to get through it all and discern what information to use and which to ignore. Because of the size of the room I have to stress the importance of teamwork once again. It’s a toughie. Rooms like this run the risk of frustrating its players too much and then they lose interest and momentum. We weren’t quite there yet but things did get frustrating at points.



Lamya – The host did a good job of providing the back story for the room. The design of the room was great…it really put you in the setting. And while  I think there was definitely an attempt at being unique and challenging, the room seemed to get a little too clever for itself.

Jason – The design of this room is fantastic. It’s probably the best thing about this escape room. Lots of attention to detail and even a little feature that I’ve also never seen before in an escape room. I won’t spoil it here but I just liked being inside this room. It helped me feel right inside the action. Our ‘host’ character did his best to help us out and give us our instructions and only a few giggles came out this time. As far as the creativity of the puzzles, they’re definitely creative and quite challenging. Like I said before, a lot of information. It keeps to that espionage feel.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – Not really. The room is quite straightforward and nothing too exciting happens. There is one puzzle, though, that is one of the cooler features I’ve ever seen in an escape room. If you can solve it (which would be very, very difficult to do), the payoff is great.

Jason – Apart from the design of the room and maybe one or two little details that are themselves pretty interesting and creative this room has little for wow factor. If you like the twists and turns and uncertainty of escape rooms then this one is not for you. If you love puzzles and clues and riddles and all that stuff then you’ll love this room. There is a lot to challenge you but little to surprise you.


Overall :

Lamya – Overall, I really didn’t like this room. There was too much misdirection and too many attempts at giving one clue a couple of different solutions, which ended up muddling the whole experience up. This isn’t a room I would do, unless you were absolutely desperate.

Jason – I feel that I can be a bit hard on this room. After doing so many escape rooms in the city I do have my preferences for what type of room I enjoy doing most but I think it is so cool that there isn’t just one kind of room. Just one kind of room where you’re locked in and have to get out. It’s very heartening that these escape room companies are finding so many different ways to create these experiences. Spies and Lies is a pretty straightforward experience that depends a lot on the gathering of information and using your brain. Objectively I think that a lot of people will enjoy this room. There is a great challenge and a great atmosphere to do it in. I also like the fact that theoretically you could do this room with younger kids because there isn’t a murderous or gory story line. My main critique is just the amount of information they throw at you. Be prepared. Make a plan. Work as a team.