Thirst For Murder

January 2016

We went with a total of 6 people, family and friends and we solved it! We had a decent amount of time left, although I don’t fully recall now, but at least 10 minutes.

Challenge level:

Lamya – This room leans a little more to the easy side, but it’s still fun. It’s a good starter room. It has a few things that the group could work on, but you do get hung up after a while as all of the people in the room work on small things. The quantity of challenges is the least I’ve seen in all the rooms we’ve done. 

Jason – The challenge level of this room definitely depends on how experienced you are at escape rooms up to this point. If this is one of your first times doing an escape room then the challenge is just hard enough, but if you’re more experienced then you just might escape with enough time left over to make a sandwich. Not saying that it was easy for our group because we definitely got stuck in some spots. I think with that being said, if we weren’t stuck early then we might have escaped the room in half the time.



Lamya – It’s a neat-looking room, for sure! The back story is well-done by the host, you start in a unique position, and move through a really interesting room.

Jason – The room is designed pretty well. There are some things I’ve seen before and some things I’ve definitely never seen before. The room starts out with a twist that gets you started on the right foot.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – In my opinion, not a lot. One of the puzzles closer to the end of the room is really quite interesting and not something I had seen before. But outside of a few twists, it’s more about the cool room than it is about wows.

Jason – Once again I’ll say that this room has a decent amount of wow factor if you haven’t done that many rooms before. If you’re getting experienced then you may desire a little more from this room. Objectively I think the room has a good amount.


Overall :

Lamya – It’s a good room to start you off, but I wouldn’t necessarily come here first. The design was done with some care, but there’s just not enough to do with a big group. I would book this room if most others in the city were booked.

Jason – I think this room is a great starter room. The character interaction is a bit silly but really this is a pretty cool extra step that Smartypantz has taken in the escape room world in Edmonton and I think most people will get a kick out of it. I think the thing I wanted most from this room was more. More everything. More clues, more to look at, more to be creeped out by. I think that if this is one of your first escape room attempts in the city then you’re going to have a great experience.