The Locked Room – Calgary

August 2018

General Info

Atmosphere upon arrival: 

Lamya – The Locked Room has three locations in Calgary and we’ve been to two, the Southland one and the Northeast location. It’s pretty basic stuff at both spots…enough room to get in, store your stuff and get the basic rules.

Jason – It’s nice and basic. It’s been interesting to watch Locked Room grow and add locations as Breakout sadly disappears from Calgary.



Lamya – In both spots, the reception is friendly and efficient, which more and more, I’m growing to love. It’s probably just because we’ve done do many rooms that we just want to get on with it but they do a good job in these spots of just getting to the point and getting you in the room.

Jason – They’re nice and helpful. Very basic but it’s nice to see people happy to help you out even though you’re clearly dumb at escape rooms.