The Room

The Room is the newest escape room in Edmonton right now. In late December and early January they were beta testing two of their three rooms. Beta testing is basically being a guinea pig for the escape room and helping the people who run the place work out any kinks or malfunctions that the room might have when regular customers begin to show up. We weren’t charged full price for the beta testing phase and the staff was very helpful and excited about getting groups in to test their rooms. I think we were actually there on the first day of beta testing. We were pretty eager and considering it was the very first day I think it went well.

We did both The Will and The Contestants with a group of 6 friends and family and had a good time beta testing. The Will is a pretty standard escape room but The Contestants does things pretty differently and is best attempted as a large group. Their other room is The Tomb and it is coming soon.  We won’t provide actual reviews of these rooms because we were experiencing them before they were 100% ready. We do recommend that you check out The Room for yourself some time. They have a 20% discount in January for bookings of groups of 4 or more.