The X Realm

General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival: 

Jason – The lobby is nice and open and has some cool real or fake brick work. There’s also some kind of 3D mural on the floor that probably looks a lot cooler at night. The X Realm is on the west end of Jasper Ave, which is a pretty nice location and they’re just across the street from a place that serves beer AND coffee. So there’s that.

Lamya – Jason kind of says it all. Nice open space, usual locker space, a generally comfortable area to convene in while you wait to attempt your room.


Jason – The staff at The X Realm couldn’t be more friendly and energetic and excited to have you try their escape rooms. That’s pretty much how every one of these places should be. The last thing you want is someone who is just going through the motions and stifling yawns to set the scene for your haunted mansion or whatever escape room you’re doing at the time.

Lamya – The staff was great! So friendly and accommodating and good with their explanations. They were enthusiastic about their place and for us when as we tried to escape. They were very helpful in their hints too. No complaints at all!

***UPDATE: The second time we went to The X-Realm, we parked along Jasper and decided to chance getting a ticket. The staff warned us right away that we would get one, told us about their free parking just off 121St and then even hopped in the car with me to make sure I’d get to the right spot. That’s above and beyond!