The Lost Empire

April 2016

We did this room as a couple after failing miserably in The Royal Fortune. We actually escaped this time. Like, legit escaped. Good times.

Challenge Level:

Jason Did I mention that we needed to use our first hint after 5 minutes? We did. We didn’t do a single thing before we asked for a hint. We had a really slow start to this room. Probably because our confidence was so low from the previous room. This room is less challenging than Royal Fortune but it’s still a decent amount of challenge. I was impressed by the variety of puzzles. Lamya and I escaped the room but we didn’t fly through it. 4 or 5 people moving quickly could get through a lot in a short period of time. I think this room has a good sweet spot in terms of difficulty. It’s right in the middle of the spectrum.

Lamya– If you’re going to X-Realm, this is a good one to start with. The challenge level certainly isn’t too easy, but you can build a nice pace and definitely escape The Lost Empire. As Jason mentioned, we did it after a mind-numbing hour NOT escaping, so it falls into the moderate range for challenge level.


Jason– They’re not re-inventing the wheel with this escape room but it’s very well done. They paint a really nice picture. X Realm has a certain philosophy about how their rooms and puzzles are structured and after doing a couple you get a good sense of what that philosophy is. It’s hard to explain without giving some things away about the rooms but I will say that it’s a philosophy that not all of these escape room facilities have. I think this philosophy respects the people who pay money and want to have a good experience in an escape room. X Realm doesn’t just want to stump the hell out of you just for the fun of it. They don’t want to make things too easy either. I respect that.

Lamya – This is a cool room. There’s some interesting stuff in here, especially the first few puzzles. They aren’t crazy or anything, but they’re fun and really provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Other than that, the room is neat to look at. Again, this room falls smack in the middle for creativity.

Wow Factor:

Jason– There’s nothing I haven’t seen before in this room but there are a couple cool little features. The ending is definitely satisfying.

Lamya – As Jason mentioned, this room isn’t revolutionary, but I will say, if you enjoy lots of moving parts when things are solved, you’ll like this room. That definitely provides a little excitement beyond what rooms sometimes provide.


Jason– We had a pretty good time in this room. We never felt crazy stuck or completely out of ideas. It also felt like a good room to try with 2 people. The lighting was also better. That helped as well. I really liked the challenges and puzzles and I felt pretty pleased with myself when I got something right. We used our two hints and we used them at the perfect time. It helped us to escape in time.

Lamya – This is a solid escape room. As you can probably tell from what we’ve already said, this room is dead centre on the escape room scale. It’s a great challenge, visually enticing and solvable. That’s kind of all a person is usually looking for in a room.