The Royal Fortune

April 2016

We did this room as a couple. We were not our sharpest that day. After 60 minutes we did not escape but after 90 minutes and about 10 hints we finally did get out of there. Still, we consider this room a giant fail for us.

Challenge Level: 

Jason– Once again the biggest challenge for me in this room was the darkness. I was just lagging behind the entire time in this room. Couldn’t figure stuff out. I blame the darkness. All that being said- the challenge level in this room is very decent. I think this is their hardest room. I’ll have to check with Lamya on that. The challenges in this room are very well thought out and definitely challenging. There were times when I felt like a complete moron in this room. Lamya, on the other hand, seemed to really have a feel for this room but she had the misfortune of having me as a partner. It was a tough one. When I take a step back I really admire all the little things this room had in it. Very good challenge level. For sure on the more difficult end of the spectrum.

Lamya – Yup, what Jason said. This room is tough. There’s a lot to solve and to work on and there’s a really good chance you’ll understand what you have to do, but not have the tools or directions to do it. That’s what stumped us. We could see what we had to do, we just didn’t know exactly how to. That should present someone with some escape rooms already under their belt a good challenge!


Jason– The story behind the room itself has this familiar mix of The Pirates of the Caribbean and some vague Indiana Jones vibes as well. There is nothing groundbreaking in this room but everything is put together in a way that is immersive and everything is well thought out for sure. When a puzzle is solved it is always pretty satisfying. This is a big deal in escape rooms. You always want to have that.

Lamya – I really like this room visually. As Jason mentioned, darkness can just be frustrating sometimes, but other than that, there’s a lot of really great aesthetic quality to this room, and some very interesting puzzles, including one that was actually quite easy, but involved getting a clue in a way I had never seen before. That’s always a bonus.

Wow Factor:

Jason– Nothing I haven’t seen before in this room but there are a lot of cool twists and turns. The ending (if you do it properly) will be very satisfying. There are cool features to this room for sure.

Lamya – I’m happy we’ve had a week to step back from our huge failure, because looking back, this room has some very cool things about it. Again, I love moving parts. So there’s that. But there are little details in this room that put together, make for some decent wows overall. This is a cool room.


Jason– I felt like a very dumb person after leaving this room. I just couldn’t figure things out early and that really sapped the energy out of me. It may sound like a stupid excuse but for someone who can be as competitive as me it’s not a fun feeling. Thankfully Lamya and I jumped right into another room after this one. When I look back I did enjoy this room. Lamya really had some momentum going at times and I just wasn’t helping at all. It’s a very good room to try with 4 or 5 people who are looking for a challenge.

Lamya – Jason sums it up pretty nicely. I’ve really never wanted out of a room as much as I wanted out of this one. Like, I just wanted to break the door down and go home. But that was just us being unobservant and for others, I think this room could be a really satisfying accomplishment. And as always, the hosts were so nice. They really were so patient with us and helped us along. They wanted us to feel good about solving it, even when we were totally hopeless, which I appreciate.