Whisper of the Dead

March 2016

We did this room as a group of five with family and friends and we escaped! Things were looking grim for a bit but our hints helped us to eventually escape.

Challenge Level:

Jason – We don’t have another room at The X Realm to compare this to but overall it’s a pretty medium difficulty room I’d say. There are things that make this room more difficult than it needs to be and one of those things is darkness. We’re all for darkness to help set the scene but sometimes you just need to see what the heck is going on. Lamya will talk more about this part I’m sure. I think this room has some good challenges to it. It has a couple things I’ve never seen before and you can tell that some thought was put into the challenges as well. They do things a tiny bit differently with their clues and how you need to use the information that you gather in the room. That’s about all I can say. Nothing revolutionary here but just a little different than some other rooms. I think that this room was definitely completed due to the hints we got. We used them at the perfect times.

Lamya – This is a middle of the road room for challenge level. There are definitely some puzzles in here that a first-timer would have trouble with, but also some that were pretty easy. So it’s a pretty friendly room for most, although I could see vets blasting out of this room in 25 minutes.


Jason: There are a few things that I’ve never seen before in this room and that made the back half of the room enjoyable. One challenge in particular was frustrating to our group but it was definitely creative.

Lamya – With all the different escape room facilities that have opened up in the city and with Jason and I having most of them under our belts, it’s pretty cool when you can see some new things, and we did in Whisper of the Dead. There are a few puzzles that really employ a different type of thought pattern, which is neat. I will say that the room design wasn’t very inspired, but I think it’s because we’ve done so many that look like this.

Wow Factor:

Jason – I already mentioned the ending and it is pretty cool and satisfying and I think it does have some wow factor in its own way. I think that overall the wow factor comes in the form of how the puzzles are structured and then solved. There isn’t much in this room that will surprise you unless you’ve never been to an escape room before. But the ending is definitely pretty cool.

Lamya – As I mentioned above, there were some new things to see in this room, but in my opinion, none of those new things provided much of a wow. I can’t say why exactly. It might be because we know now when to expect something to happen, even if we can’t always make it happen. But Jason basically knew how the puzzle would end the second we walked through the door, so that might be why I’m so meh on this.


Jason – I did enjoy this room but not as much as the one we did later in the day at InTrap. I think the darkness kinds of slows you down as a group because you sometimes just have trouble seeing stuff and darkness shouldn’t really be a challenge. It should just be there to enhance the experience and make it feel more immersive or dramatic. This being my first experience at The X Realm I would say that it was a pretty positive one and I’m definitely curious to try their other rooms. It feels like they have a large enough space to do some cool things with the more challenging rooms. It’s definitely a spot worth checking out.

Lamya – I’ve never succeeded at a room before and felt so indifferent about it (save for Morning Never Comes at SmartyPantz). Here’s the main reason why: he or she who does not have a flashlight does not have power. You’re essentially useless in this room if you’re not one of the three people holding a flashlight. I was not so it was frustrating. So I’d recommend doing this room with a smaller group.