General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival:

Jason– Thrillscape has a big, bright, and open lobby area with the typical lockers to keep your stuff. They also have a giant cage with prison bars where you can get your picture taken after you’re done with the requisite “SUCCESS!” “FAIL!” or “LOL” banners to hold up. They also have something a little different than other places in Edmonton, although we saw it once in Calgary. They basically have a room dedicated to giving you your room briefing. You go into a separate room and watch a video with all the house rules on it and such. Something a little different.

Lamya – Ryan greeted us as we walked in and he was really excited to help us, to give us info and to get us going. We went on their opening day and it was quiet, so we got a lot of attention. As for the space, there’s a really big lobby to hang out in, which is nice if you come with a big group and are waiting around a bit. As Jason mentioned, they have a cool photo area too.


Jason We visited Thrillscape on their very first weekend of being open. They had done beta testing before but this was their first official weekend being open. The owner/manager was very excited to share his escape rooms with customers. He was eager and friendly and all those good things.

Lamya – It was really great. Ryan was very attentive and made sure we were comfortable and ready and even asked if we wanted water or pop or juice. The one thing I would say (that might change as time goes on) is that the set-up is a little too long. There’s an introduction to Thrillscape, then an intro into your room, and then some prep (at least for The Harvester Hotel) and by the time all of that is done, close to 10 minutes has passed. It’s not a big deal, but it does seem a little clunky, especially if you’ve already done escape rooms and get the general idea.