Break and Enter

June 2016

We did this room as a group of four and we…technically escaped after four very generous clues with only about a minute to spare.

Challenge Level:

Jason- We had to let our heated feelings about this room cool down for a few days before writing this review. I had so many complicated feelings running around my head about this room when we first did it. In the beginning it felt like the challenge was pretty reasonable but as we went through it I just felt more and more lost. We did end up escaping the room but it felt like it was the hints that got us through. After some soul searching I think we all came to the conclusion that the room felt so difficult and disjointed because we were all working as individuals and not as a team. The truth is that the room beat us. Part of the reason why it beat us was because it looked so much less like an escape room and more like an actual house. The design was so good that everything looked at the same time like a clue and also not a clue. We’re competitive people and we just got beat by some good design for the most part- even though we actually succeeded in escaping the room.

Lamya – This is a challenging room for sure! As Jason mentioned, I wasn’t happy with this room immediately after completing it because I felt so stupid. When I went through all the things I was ticked off about, they were all just about us not paying closer attention or trying hard enough or long enough to solve a puzzle. So in my opinion, that means the challenge level is great for people who have a decent number of rooms to their name so far. It’s hard, but certainly solvable.


Jason– All the points to this room for its design. They do a really good job with the design here and the placement of certain clues. In terms of the creativity of the puzzles themselves, I think they leave something to be desired. I’m not saying that just because of our sour feelings about the room. I don’t want to go further in depth because I don’t want to give anything away but I think this room could go a step further when it comes to its puzzle design.

Lamya – Here’s the thing: give this room credit for really trying to create the scene and a great back story with a unique and cute twist at the end. That’s mostly what I want to say about this room because they really thought about a lot of their back story and tried to make that come to life. But, I have come to dislike rooms with just this volume of stuff, and I felt I ran into that here. It’s not a deal breaker at all. it’s just that in the course of putting together a visually-cool room that aligns with the plot, it got to be a bit much for me. In fairness, I feel I might be in the minority here.

Wow Factor:

Jason– The wow factor for this room begins right from the beginning. It’s in the design. They did a really good job creating a realistic setting for this room. There is nothing else that really pops out or surprises you but it is definitely a compelling room.

Lamya – I think all the effort in this room went into making a really accurate scene for the story and into the clues, which sort of shorts the wow factor. There wasn’t really anything that made me go “WOW”, but it wasn’t boring either.


Jason– I do recommend this room for a large group that wants a challenge. I think Thrillscape is doing some cool things in their room and I think they have some large ambitions that I’m excited to see how they turn out. If you’re a fan of big escape rooms then I think you really have to see this room. Give it a whirl and let us know how you did.

Lamya – This is a good challenge and one that you will need to be on your A-game for. There’s a lot of work to do and many will find this either frustrating or really gratifying, just like any good escape room. Good luck!