April 2017

This is a 1-hour room. We did it with a total of 7 people and escaped!


Challenge Level:

Lamya – It was ok. This could be a fun room for people just starting to get into escape rooms and for kids too. Despite being labelled their most difficult room, it’s really not that hard. That doesn’t mean every puzzle is easy or we solved everything immediately, but based on all the rooms we’ve been in, this is on the low to medium challenge level, which could be great for newer groups.

Jason– This is an easier room but there is a lot to do so it would be the most fun with a larger group. I’m with Lamya on this aspect. The challenge here is just about working together basically and sorting through the good information and bad information.


Lamya – Gotta say, I’m not really into this jailbreak theme anymore. That’s not Thrillscape’s fault (that other places have done this already), but it’s not super creative and the theme doesn’t allow for that many creative puzzles. I thought there were some neat things in here, but nothing amazing.

Jason- Lamya and I disagree! Crazy! I commend Thrillscape for their ambition with this room. They may not have the resources to dedicate to rooms like some of the other spots in Edmonton but they are definitely trying to keep up with the big guys. This room is straightforward in that jailbreak theme until the end. The end is when things get a little bit more creative and fun.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – There’s definitely a lot of effort that went into building this room, which you’ll discover shortly after making starting it, so huge kudos for the time it would have taken. There are a few little wows that should get the adrenaline pumping.

Jason- I already mentioned Thrillscape’s ambition. There are a couple wows here but the biggest wows happen at the end. I will talk about this more in the next section but if I had one piece of advice for Thrillscape it would be to under sell and over deliver when it comes to their rooms. Be confident but let the customers discover what you have to offer without cramming it down their throats and promising something they’ve never seen before. I’ve said this before that most escape rooms should never tell people they are going to see something they’ve never seen before. That’s a big promise with a big possibility to let people down.


Lamya – I hope this doesn’t come across as harsh (Jason will balance me out here), but this room just didn’t do it for me. It seemed amateur-ish compared to the good rooms we’ve been in. From the puzzles to the look to the extra stuff in there that doesn’t need to be in there, it’s the type of room I’m over. I’m not being an escape room snob, honestly, because the more I do the worse I am, but we’ve just been in enough rooms to know the good ones from the not great ones, and this one falls into the latter for me.

Jason- I know why Lamya didn’t like this room but we don’t have to fight here on this blog. I thought it was a pretty fun time for our big group. I recommend this room for larger groups and if you are a newcomer to escape rooms then this is one you can try out early on because it’s not too difficult. I already gave my critique that Thrillscape should tone it down a bit when hyping their rooms. I also believe it needs to be said again that having a door that is difficult to open, for example, is not a puzzle or a challenge. It’s just poor design. If you tell us that we don’t need to use physical strength to get through the room then we shouldn’t need to fuss with forcing things open that should be easier to open in the first place. I know that we’re all being watched in these rooms so if you see a group having some difficulty then you should come give them a hand when it has nothing to do with solving a particular puzzle. Keep this in mind in the future. I had fun in this room and I felt like the ending is pretty satisfying and exciting. Great for a large group. I do commend them for their ambition but think they could pay attention to a couple more details in their rooms but otherwise this was an enjoyable experience.