Junior Jones and the Temple of Dendure

August 2016

We did this room as just a couple on a random Saturday night, where it was obvious there had been no customers for a while and it looked like we were the only customers for the night. It wasn’t a huge deal but we did take them by surprise and it took a few minutes for them to get un-flustered so we could start our experience. Anyways, we did not finish this room. We made it about 80% of the way through and they were gracious enough to let us finish it out even after time had expired.

Challenge Level:

Jason– This is the hardest room at Thrillscape. It is definitely hard. One challenge in this room might even be literally impossible. I’ll yield the rest of my time to Lamya on this one.

Lamya – There’s a decent challenge here. Often, Jason and I feel a little silly about doing so many rooms with just the two of us because we are impulsive and can’t wait for other people’s schedules to align. While we didn’t escape this room, I’m glad it was only the two of us because there’s really not enough for much more than that to do the puzzles. Everybody needs to focus on one task at hand at once, for the most part, and that could really be frustrating for a group of say, 6.

Beyond that, there is one task in this room that even the hosts say is nearly impossible, so if that’s the case, why is it still there? They allowed us to bypass it and they told us that from the start, so it takes a lot away from the room when you realize you won’t be able to complete a step on your own and that no one really can do it either. Major eyeroll.


Jason– Thrillscape always gets extra points for effort. They really do try their best to create a great escape room experience. Most of the time they succeed in this. They have their own feel to their rooms and nothing ever feels cheap and they don’t take shortcuts where other places might. They do the best with what they have and we’ve always had good experiences here for the most part. I like the theme of this room and how the puzzles really match the theme in a lot of ways.

Lamya – We’ve now done all the rooms at Thrillscape and they do take extra care to really work hard on their puzzles and rooms so that they don’t look like everyone else’s (and trust me, with the number of escape places popping up in Edmonton, the themes are really starting to become familiar). So kudos for that. Some of the puzzles in this Indiana Jones-themed room are really neat, I just think a few are a little ill-conceived and finicky.

Wow Factor:

Jason– A couple neat features here. I might even go as far to say there’s a Wow or two here. There is definitely something in this room that you have not seen before. Something we’ve never seen before and something that was both exciting and frustrating at the same time. Kudos to them for trying something like this.

Lamya – As with the creativity, the rooms here make sure to have a big wow in each room and Junior Jones is no exception. There’s one that you can sort of anticipate and it’s really cool. That said, it’s also a really time-consuming wow, if that makes any sense. You would know it if you activated it.


Jason– This room has a high rate of difficulty and I think that is mainly due to how the room starts. My main problem with this room is the first 10 minutes or so. It’s frustrating just for the sake of being frustrating. If we were in a group of 4 or more people we might have really started turning on each other. It left a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the experience. Moving on from that I enjoyed the room. I thought it was pretty cool. If you like Indiana Jones then you’ll think this room is pretty cool. Thrillscape always wants to give you a nice feeling when you leave their escape rooms and I like that about them. They are still new and they are still figuring out how to do things in my opinion but I still recommend this room to groups that want a challenge.

Lamya – When we went into this room, the host told us the success rate was 7%. To me, that’s not a good thing. Having a really hard room makes sense, but if hardly anyone can solve it, I just don’t think that’s a win for your facility. The challenge is there, but if it’s nearly impossible, what’s the point?