The Harvester Hotel

April 2016

We did this room as just the two of us and we succeeded! We definitely needed our hints but we made it out with a decent amount of time to spare!

Challenge Level:

Jason– There is a good amount of challenge to this room. One of my favourite things to talk about is the progression of the clues and puzzles. I think that is probably my favourite part of this room. I think everything is well thought out and it makes sense in the room. The challenges aren’t entirely linear so that is a nice change of pace as well. There are also certain things that would be more difficult if you had a larger group in the room. Usually it’s the other way around but in this case it makes it more fun.

Lamya – Pretty decent. The room starts off very easy and then slowly builds to more difficult puzzles, which I really love because it allows you to build some momentum and feel good about your progress. It felt pretty satisfying to solve certain parts of this puzzle. Overall, it’s a medium-ish challenge.


Jason– To me the creativity lies in the thought put behind the clues. The design of the room is on par with most others but I think there is good thought put behind the clues and puzzles.

Lamya – As I said, things start off really straightforward and for people who haven’t been to many escape rooms, the initial setting is kind of neat. Jason and I have seen the set-up before. As you move throughout, there’s a decent amount of creativity. To go along with the medium-ish challenge, I think this room has a medium-ish creativity level.

Wow Factor:

Jason– Lamya is definitely going to mention this as well but there is a fun feature that we haven’t seen before in this room. It’s very cool and very fun. It’s always nice to see new features like this in an escape room.

Lamya – Yes! I’m a simpleton, but there’s one wow in here that was just so cool and so unexpected that it just really added to the experience. That feature alone takes this room up higher than many.


Jason– This is a pretty good room and a good first offering for this new escape room facility. We had fun doing the challenges and the design of the room provided a few things that kept us interested and engaged. Overall I definitely recommend trying this place out. I’m looking forward to trying Thrillscape’s other room with a larger group of people. They also have some big plans for new rooms in the future. Exciting stuff.

Lamya – It’s a fun room. It’s been a long time since we were in a room that allows a few people to be doing things at once, and in certain parts of this room, you can, which is good. It’s a nice room in terms of building up to and getting excited for the next puzzle. Decent challenge for a couple who already has a few rooms under their belt.