Time Escape

General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival: 

Jason – The lobby is big and open and welcoming. There is lot of room for all the corporate event people especially. They’re ready to go!

Lamya – When we walked into Time Escape the first time, there was a corporate event going on, so the lobby was full and lively. I imagine without all those people there, it would have been pretty standard. The lobby is huge, bright and looks great. You have your standard picture wall and box-o-props. Pretty good all around.


Jason – The staff could not have been more friendly, helpful, energetic, excited, and knowledgeable about their escape rooms. When we couldn’t complete our room in time they even gave us an extra five minutes to try to see how it all ends. They also give you a good amount of space when they’re providing clues- even though they did enter the room a couple times when it looked like we were stuck, even though we hadn’t asked for a hint yet. It was with the best of intentions for sure.

Lamya – The staff was super enthusiastic about our being there and getting ready to take on one of their rooms! They were friendly, helpful and very nice. It’s always a bonus to walk in and have the staff seem so excited about what they do, as opposed to just riding out a shift.