Castle Secrets

September 2016

We did this room as a couple and we technically escaped. A couple of technical snags along the way but we consider this room a victory for us.

Challenge Level:

Jason- I forget how Time Escape ranks this room but it feels like this room is just to the hard side of medium on the spectrum. It’s not the hardest room and not quite the easiest. There is a good variety of puzzles in this room and things get progressively harder as you move along which I also always enjoy.

Lamya – Decent challenge in this room. There were some really fun puzzles and ones you could tell right away how to do them, way before you had to do them. It was a nice mix of puzzles and I could see rookies and vets being able to make progress together with everyone getting to do something in here.


Jason- The room itself is a little bit more creative in terms of its theme and design than others in the same “castle” category, whether it be a haunted castle or imperial castle or what have you. I think the clues are all well thought out, which I like. I feel like there were a couple finicky clues in terms of the tech not quite working but overall it was a fairly minor annoyance. I enjoyed how this room was designed. It was straightforward but I was always interested in what was going to happen next.

Lamya – I liked this room. As I said above, it had some nice variety and didn’t rely fully on stereotypical castle things. But as we’ve mentioned many times in the last few months, with creativity comes challenge, for the escape room itself, not for the escapers. And we had some issues in this room with working puzzles. It’s so frustrating when that happens.

Wow Factor:

Jason- There’s nothing in this room that is a total Wow but there are a lot of little effects and turns that make the room enjoyable for sure.

Lamya – No wows but some pleasant surprises. It was visually appealing the whole time.



Jason- I enjoyed this room pretty much from beginning to end. Definitely my favourite room at Time Escape and not just because we managed to escape. There were two things that didn’t quite respond the way we would have liked but we were able to bounce back and get some assistance with enough time left over to get through the room. I felt like the design was engaging and the progression of the puzzles was right in that sweet spot. I feel like if you were in a larger group you would not feel like there wasn’t enough to do and as a couple we didn’t feel overwhelmed. There was always something to do and we had to move fast but not at break neck speed. It was just a lot of fun. Time Escape has some decent rooms but there’s always some sticking point that doesn’t let it shine. Castle Secrets was the closest we got to seeing Time Escape’s full potential. I’m looking forward to trying their fourth room when it’s ready.

Lamya – I agree with Jason…this was my best experience at Time Escape. You’re able to build up good momentum and move through chunks of the room at a good pace. This room is definitely doable and we felt good about our progress. But ultimately, the fact that some puzzles were finicky and one major puzzle’s solution was very counter-intuitive, it made it hard to feel satisfied.