Imperial Palace

August 2016

***Recently, Jason and I did a few escape rooms with family from out of town and we split up, so I’m the only one of the two of us who’s been in Imperial Palace. Jason may try it and if so, will add his review later.

I did this room with a total of 6 people, with a mix of people, some who’ve been in a lot of escape rooms, two that had a few under their belt and one rookie. We completed this room with a few minutes left (we did it in competition mode vs. another group of family doing the Time Warp room. That’s one interesting thing that Time Escape offers…they have a points system that’s based on room difficulty, number of people per room, time, and difficulty of puzzles solved. It’s an added bonus for big groups!).

Challenge Level:

Lamya –This was a hard room! The people at Time Escape, who were wonderful with our big groups, told us that Imperial Palace is the easiest room there. I’ve been in Lethal Virus, which is technically the hardest, and I would beg to differ. Imperial Palace was really difficult and sometimes frustratingly so. While I do think some of the puzzles provided a great challenge, I thought others were too finicky and fussy. One puzzle was so particular that we couldn’t solve it even though we had it right, and it took the staff about 3 minutes to come in and actually make it work themselves. Whenever that happens, it takes me right out of it and tells me that the puzzle needs tweaking. I totally understand that people are sometimes stupidly rough with rooms, and that can lead to some compromised puzzles, but it really takes you out of the experience, especially when the staff can’t complete the puzzle.


Lamya – The room is very basic in terms of atmosphere. The puzzles are varied, which is nice. They fit the theme and some put different parts of your brain to the test. But it’s a pretty straightforward room.

Wow Factor:

Lamya – No wow in here. It’s not to say it’s a boring room, I just wouldn’t call it exciting.


Lamya – Jason and I have done so many escape rooms that we’re ready to publish a pet peeves post, lol. Imperial Palace holds one of those huge pet peeves and that is opening a room up to 8 people when really there would never be enough for 8 people to do (with the exception of one puzzle, which I think would be impossible to do with less than 4). There’s just not enough to do, and when you do it, it’s so specific that it takes the fun out of it. I often think escape room places are so close to their rooms they can’t understand how others would approach the puzzles, and why they might have difficulty with them. Yes we escaped this room but it wasn’t totally satisfying and I’m not sure I would recommend it.