Lethal Virus

August 2016

We did Lethal Virus room as a couple on the spur of the moment (we say that a lot, don’t we?). The room has a 9% success rate, and we were not part of that 95%. We failed pretty hard, making it through 75% of the room with lots of help. The staff were kind and patient enough to let us go through the rest of it.

Challenge Level:

Jason– This room has an excellent challenge level. Yes, it is their hardest room but it isn’t difficult for the sake of being difficult. Everything makes sense in this room. There are rooms at other escape room places (we will mention soon) that make a room really difficult just for the sake of being difficult. You could tell that this room was just their most difficult but the challenges are well thought out and it definitely helps to have a bigger group with you for this room. I would suggest 4 as a minimum. Unless you’re super smart. We weren’t.

Lamya – This is a very challenging room. There are a lot of different types of puzzles and having a few more people in here was necessary. My poor linear brain couldn’t make sense of some of the puzzles. The room has a nice progression in the difficulty of the puzzles and just beware: sometimes you can’t solve a puzzle as quickly as it seems like you can.


Jason– We have seen this ‘spooky lab’ theme a number of times now. It definitely lends itself to a lot of cool features and puzzles that you can do that can be a lot more modern than the clues in say a medieval-themed room or something like that. I of course don’t want to give anything away but I did really like how multi-layered some of these puzzles were. There are a few that are not just a one and done type of thing. Like I said before, everything makes sense and there is definitely a cool progression to things. If you’re doing the room with 2 or 3 people you need to move because there is a lot of information and stuff to get through.

Lamya – We’ve seen this theme many times before, so that’s not all that original. But a lot of the puzzles are very interesting and different than what we’ve seen in the dozens and dozens of rooms before this, so that’s always nice. You get some good variety. However, there is one puzzle that might get in the way of you finishing at the end. I get the feeling it’s not as straightforward as the staff think it is.

Wow Factor:

Jason– Nothing that is a big WOW here but a couple cool effects for sure. One that we’ve only seen once before.

Lamya – I would say that some of the features in this room lean towards “neat!” more than “wow!” You’ll see some interesting things that might add to the tension of your mission, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen them or something like them before.


Jason– I liked this room and I liked the design and the puzzles and progression. I got frustrated by being frustrated at certain points. Lamya and I made some very unique mistakes in this room, we’ll put it that way. Still I was always energized in this room and I feel like with 4 or more people we could have come very close to finishing the room in the 45 minutes. This was our first experience at Time Escape and we will definitely be back and we definitely recommend this new place to everybody.

Lamya – Overall, I liked this room in that there was a nice amount and variety of things to do, even if you didn’t know what order you were supposed to do some of those things. It’s a very difficult room, best done with lots of people who have lots of patience and attention to detail.