Spaceship Mysteries

February 2018

We did this room with a total of 4 people and we ALMOST escaped but we didn’t. We probably made it 95% of the way. They were kind enough to allow us to finish the room anyways just so we could see it.

Challenge level:

Lamya – This was a fairly simple an straightforward room and anyone who has some escape rooms behind them should do well with this one! I can say (hopefully without giving too much away) that this room is one that allows you to find a lot of clues and tools to use before you actually need them, which I personally am always stumped by. I can’t get out of the mode of find-this-now-use-this-now. But overall, this should be a good challenge for an experienced team but not too overwhelming for rookies.

Jason – I think I remember the people at Time Escape saying that statistically this was a more than moderately difficult room. I think there are definitely some parts to get tripped up over and that’s why it’s nice to have a larger group of at least 4 for this room. Even when I was stumped I could feel the answers for certain puzzles on the tip of my tongue and that helped keep the momentum going for this room. It would be a challenge for a beginner group but not a walk in the park for a more experienced one.



Lamya – I’m starting to realize that there just seem to be a limited number of themes for escape rooms. We’ve been in plenty of escape spaceships and this one had a great look to it, but the theme is one we’ve seen before. The puzzles had a nice wide range and that’s always a nice thing…to have a variety of puzzles for a variety of brain types because that way more of your team can contribute.

Jason – Yes, spaceship themes seem to be popping up more lately but to me it still feels like a fresher theme than some others. Time Escape always has very impressive looking rooms and this one is no different. It has good design and everything (almost everything) works the way it should. There is good puzzle variety in this room but I would like to see more than just a plain old keypad for a lot of the locks but this room does have more variety that the average escape room.


Wow Factor:

Lamya – Not really. I didn’t really remember a lot after some time away from the room, which is usually a sign of a basic approach (which is totally fine). Nothing blew me away.

Jason – To be honest, big time WOWs are becoming fewer and farther between these days. They still do exist but the reality is that it’s just harder to design them and get them to work right when logistically it’s much easier just to have regular old doors with keypad or magnetic locks on them. It’s not a huge deal here but I will always give more bonus marks to any room that gives me a good wow.


Overall :

Lamya – I liked this room. It falls right in the middle of the all the room we’ve done, which is to say there was nothing that really annoyed me or I felt was unnecessarily difficult, but also that it didn’t really stand out that much. But certainly if you’ve done a lot of rooms and are looking for ones you haven’t done, this would do!

Jason – I enjoyed myself in this room and thought it was a very solid room. There’s enough for everybody to do and it’s a decent challenge for many experience levels. The room has a good flow and there aren’t really any speed bumps that hold up your momentum. One tiny thing didn’t work exactly right when we tried it but that was really it. Otherwise it was a fun room and if we were paying attention we would have escaped just in time. It was nice to get back to Time Escape and I definitely recommend people giving this, their newest room, a try.