Time Warp

August 2016

***Recently, Lamya and I did a few escape rooms with family from out of town and we split up, so I’m the only one of the two of us who’s been in Time Warp. There’s a really good chance Lamya will not try this room, so it will just be mine for this room. 

I did this room with a total of 6 people, with a mix of people, some who’ve been in a lot of escape rooms, two that had a few under their belt and one rookie. We completed this room with a few minutes left (we did it in competition mode vs. another group of family doing the Time Warp room. That’s one interesting thing that Time Escape offers…they have a points system that’s based on room difficulty, number of people per room, time, and difficulty of puzzles solved. It’s an added bonus for big groups!).

Challenge Level:

Jason – The challenge level is pretty decent here. This is not their easiest room by far. For about 75% of this room I felt like things were challenging but not impossible. We got hung up almost immediately. It’s one of those things that happens all the time. The answer is right in front of you and we just didn’t realize it. Once you get going I think there are some really good puzzles and a couple opportunities to work well as a team as you can be doing a couple different things at once. I will also say that towards the end things get almost impossibly difficult and that was annoying. There’s no reason to make things that hard.


Jason – The design of the room is pretty good. It’s pretty much a laboratory theme of some kind. I do think that the majority of their puzzles were well thought out and there was good variety as well. The puzzle towards the end that I felt was ridiculously hard is still a good idea, but they just need to maybe make it a bit easier, in my opinion.

Wow Factor:

Jason – Nothing in terms of wow factor here. A few really well designed set pieces but no big surprises or wows.


Jason – Overall I think this is a pretty good room. It helped to have a big group because we needed a lot of different perspectives for this room. If we didn’t get stuck right at the beginning we would have had a full 25 minutes of action before getting stuck again. I liked that. Things I didn’t like were the difficult ending that I mentioned before and also another thing that happened to us at the end. So we did this group challenge thing and at Time Escape they give you a little extra time when you do that. I think this is a neat feature but I do feel that it is absolutely essential to make sure that everything in  your escape room is going to work properly, even after the initial 45 minutes that most people get is expired. Basically we had something go wrong at the very end and it took away what would have been a very victorious feeling for the group. Instead we had a very anticlimactic ending. I know that most people will not encounter this problem but when you have a group that doesn’t get that satisfying feeling at the end it’s a real bummer.