West Edmonton Mall

General Info

Atmosphere Upon Arrival:

Jason- WEM has one escape room right now and it is inside Ed’s Rec Room. It’s in the lobby in between the bowling alley and the lounge and other gaming stuff. There is a lot of good signage pointing you towards the escape room and they have a very nice display outside the entrance to the room itself.

Lamya- It’s definitely a little different here since the escape room is just a small part of the bigger rec experience. But it’s fine. You don’t really get any atmosphere until you enter the escape room, which has a little spot for leaving valuables and getting instructions.


Jason- When we visited the WEM escape room they were very brand new but there didn’t seem to be many growing pains or glitches that we saw. They were organized and the service was friendly and straightforward.

Lamya – It was good. Pretty straightforward. You check-in at the main rec desk and then get the instructions from staff that are specifically working in the escape room. They do a good job of doing the preliminary stuff quickly so you can get to trying to escape!